moar felt

As a follow-up to the other day’s World of Warcraft perfume ideas, I’ve come up with MOAR. I felt bad about not having a Gnome or Goblin in the lineup, and I was just gonna do a couple, and then…things happened. Have some more. >_>

High Tinker Mekkatorque - Whimsical and cute, with an undercurrent of strength: Lime, juicy fig, and kumquat, green apple taffy, gunsmoke, and a little bit of thin lubricating oil on shiny metal.

Gallywix - Overindulgence personified (perfumified?): Vanilla cake, heavy whipping cream, coconut rum, orange sherbet, fizzy champagne, and rubbed-off wisps of Goblin cocktail waitresses’ perfume.

Genn Greymane - Classy lavender fougere with bourbon vanilla, white leather, ambergris, grey musk, and bergamot tea.

The Darkmoon Faire - Funnel cake with cinnamon and powdered sugar, fizzy cola, sassafras, a mug of strong beer, the smoke of countless fireworks, cigar tobacco, opium smoke, voodoo incense, and patchouli.

Cairne Bloodhoof - Dry, golden prairie grass, fuzzy brown leather, deep musk, oak wood, amber, and bonfire smoke.

Come Get da Voodoo - Ritual incense, strong jungle fruit liquor, hemp, opium poppy, angelica root, aged patchouli, and cayenne pepper.

Love is in the Air - Milk-chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel creme, cherry cordial liqueur, deep red rose, labdanum, and oudh. 

N’zoth - Deep aquatic notes coursing with bitter grapefruit peel, seaweed, tentacles of lugubrious anise, and damp stone.

Yogg-Saron - The eerie, faceless horror of black metal, slithering tentacles of opium tar and anise, lime peel, electric ozone, and chilling mist. 

Blood Queen Lana’thel - Bewitching, vampiric beauty: Spiced black cherry, red wine, and dragon’s blood resin over red rose, myrrh, and smoky vetiver.

Yrel - Strength and devotion: Rosewood and sweet temple incense, bourbon vanilla, golden amber, white leather, Peru balsam, crystalline white musk, and mahogany wood. 

Lor’themar Theron - Rich evergreen amber, lavender, and bergamot, oakmoss, red leather, blood musk, a touch of vetiver, bitter almond, and red patchouli.