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Hello there my beautiful people, and I’m here again doing a special follow forever, bc it’s the end of the year and it was not easy but i’m still here so i’m really thankful and bc i’m really close to 8k which is insane, ilysm. We’re saying goodbye to 2015, it was a tough year but we did it, we made it and i want to say thank you for you staying and make this whole situation better, thank you for making people smile and forget a little bit about this crazy year.

bold - ultimate favorite

Before i start this ff, first please don’t feel sad if you’re not in here, i follow more than 2k so i can’t put everybody in here, but feel the love, and second i want to say some things for some people that made my year and just spread love:

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Yooo this is my first follow forever, and i finally decided to make one because its my one year anniversary of me having this blog and i really thank you guys for making my dash look v pretty and full of one direction thirst. I’m going with your updated urls, also the one’s that have a ♡ are my fave blogs! Im sorry if i left anyone out, but there are over 250+blogs on here. Im a human so i did get tired, but do know i love all my 2.9k followers!

Dorka (cheshirestyls): omg i love you, you are the most sarcastic person ever. i can tell you anything, and youll hear me out. i love our sexual hour omf, we got some sweet ideas, you can literaly make me laugh. you are truly an amzing friend, and an overall amazing person.

Clarissa (graffitiihaz): my spiritual animal! you are the chillest person ever, i love talking to you and literally being myself. talking about weed and the condoms :’). omg i hope we get to meet one another and ill buy you starbucks and we will go shopping and go live in cali. yes we are gonna be v successful with our style!

Sam: you’re so pretty and really nice and laid back, yet you have your inappropriate moments and I like that about you. Our mothers sound a like, ugh always ignoring our problems.

Brittany(horanyforstylesx): you are a really good smut writer! girl give me some of your talent. youre really pretty, we havent talked in a while and it makes me sad :( i hope your doing good, and keep on writing!

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I love every single one of my v fab swagerific followers! :) ~Mariana

I finally recently hit my goal of 5k. After deleting, I figured this would be the best goal to reach, and I finally have. I’m now a little over that, and have set a new goal for my birthday but that is in June, so I’ve got a bit. Anyway, to here is my follow forever for Christmas, Louis’ Birthday, and for reaching 5k! 

To the people who have made this website worth it and have helped me figure out who I am:

@chocoxeclaire: you’re one of the people that I never knew I needed, but I’m happy you fell into my lap and stayed. Miss you right now, since you’re gone and all for the holidays, but I still love you my mamasteak ;)

@santababylouie: my twin, my harrie turned louie, my louis to my harry, my shit talker, my lil friend, one of my favorite humans, I love you. Thank you for being you and for loving me :)

@fratboyharrie: my one true harrie who loves to drool over him with me i love you for your daddy harry headcanons and for being vv amazing in every single way

@softhairlouis: when you change your url, tell me because i couldn’t find you and now I know how you feel about me whatever i hate you (i really love you)

everyone else who is in the harrie larrie gc or harry and louis touch mouths or whatever the name of the gc is for the day: @adarkbluesea, @falalalarries, @hazandlouis, @louissecretblog, @theaftermalik, @wellingtonfan, and those of you who are no longer a part of it but always a part of my heart: @tomnlinsuns, @santababynialler, @lovesincerelyharry, @winterlarrieland 



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this was short and sweet and I hope I included everyone, if I didn’t let me know, but I’m pretty sure all of my mutuals are in here :) love you all! :)














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I decided to split up my Follow Forever into 3 sections. This is my One Direction section. Thank you guys for getting deeper into this fandom than I had planned, but I love you guys so so much! Also thank you for helping my reach my goal! 

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thanks again to all these wonderful One Direction blogs. Sorry if I made any mistakes! and if you are multi-fandom I just put you on this one, I hope that’s okay! 

Christmas time again and that means my follow forever! I have been in a mutual with a handful of you for years now and I think that’s pretty awesome. You’re all awesome!

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first off sorry for the really obviously rushed edit but uh yeah i haven’t done a follow forever since last year so i’m making one now and thats basically it and im sorry if ur not in this idk i think i missed people bc i was going through my following list rlly quickly but whatever if i follow you then ily

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2k15 we made it

this is my annual thing now i think i’ll keep it short and sweet but you people are rad and zarry is gr8 and life is awesome i wanna celebrate all of u and wish u guys all the best this year and wish us all luck with OTRA if any of you are going :-)

special shoutout to JenTelisaMaura, and Genesis u guy are always my favs.

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omg so yes it’s that time. i’d just rlly love to thank all these hotties for making my dash so amazing. special shoutout to my homies in the bold 😎

i love all your blogs more than i love taco bell, and i would love to thank all my amazing followers who aren’t on here (maybe we’ll see you next time xx.)

aye let’s do it.


17hary ☽ 420harry ☽ 90sliam ☽


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So…I was supposed to post this back in June, but I never felt like doing the work. SO, here is my graduation follow forever! I’m not “friends” with a lot of people on this list, however I do admire them…from afar. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)As for my friends on this list, Y'ALL KNOW I LOVE YOU. If I forgot anyone, pls pls pls do not get offended. I am highly forgetful, so it’s me, not you. ANYWAY, without further ado, here is my follow forever…

420harry, 666darko.

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Hiiii guys this is Caro! So this is my first ever Follow Forever and I just wanna say thank you all so much for keeping my dash beautiful and I love every single one of your blogs (even though I haven’t even spoken to some of you). Also wanna point out that if you ever want to talk to me or ask me something I’m always here for you, I hope you have the best summer!. x

PS. If you’re bolded, then you’re extra cute.


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Thanks again! xx