Cameron Smut -- "Sweetest Sin" (I promised Meg I'd post this)

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      “Here you go, that’s two scoops of Chocolate, and one scoop of Vanilla. Enjoy!” You smile at the boy in front of you. It was a warm Saturday evening, and it was nearing 10 pm. This kid was your last customer, and then you were free to go. He takes the ice cream from your grasp, but makes a point of holding your hand as he does. You give him a somewhat flustered look and he replies by sending you back a devilish grin.

      “Hey! Back off, man!” an all too familiar voice says from the door. Realizing the threat was for him, the boy finally takes his ice cream and leaves the shop without looking back your way.

      “Cam, I’m at work. I can’t be distracted. You have to go! I have to close up in a few minutes.” He hops over the counter with ease and grabs you by the waist before pulling you into his toned chest.

      “Oh yeah, Y/N,” He began; he moved his hands slowly down past your waist and grabs a good handful of your ass. “I’m really feeling the love.” He finished. A cocky smirk began to twinge in the corner of his mouth.

      “JEEZ, CAM!” You raise your voice. “Cam, I’m at work, do you know how unsanitary this is? I could get fired. Do you hear me? FI-” but before you could finish your rant, Cam’s lips crashed in to yours. The way his hot breath filtered and mixed with yours was your ultimate weakness. The way it filled your throat and swam over your tongue made your mouth water. He pulled away and whispered in to your lips, still clutching firmly on to your ass.

      “Let’s close up early, huh? I think you’ve been working hard enough,” Cam murmured. “Maybe you deserve a little reward,”

      He grabbed the keys out of your back pocket, released his grasp and walked over to lock up the door. You helped him pull down all of the shades on the windows. Once you pulled down the very last shade, Cam slammed you in to the top of the display case with all of the ice cream. Without hesitation, he stripped you of your shirt and laid you down on the countertop and peeled off your tight jeans.

Fuck,” Cam breathed.

      Clearly he was excited about what was to come next. He parted your legs and scattered wet kisses all along the inside of your thighs, sporadically, which evoked several gasps and moans from you. He inched his way closer and closer to your center at a torturously slow pace.

      “God damnit, Cam,” you spat in frustration. You locked your fingers in his hair, tugging and pulling his face to your core: he wouldn’t budge. Instead, he grabbed the bottle of whipped cream from the counter behind and handed it over to you.

      “You’re in charge, babe,” he said, his smile read, “Do something fucking dirty; I dare you.” You sat up and dangled your legs over the counter and spread them apart in a lackadaisical manner, just to tease. He was grinding his jaw in anticipation of what your next move was to be. You looked him dead in the eye as you sprayed a small amount of the whipped cream along your neck. He walked closer, and pulled you in to him by your waist. His aggressiveness always turned you on, but it was especially hot in the moment.

      He caressed your skin with his lips: sucking, biting, kissing, licking, and moaning. When pulled away, both of you were panting from arousal. “Where next, babe?” He breathed as he wiped some of the cream off his lips. You thought for a moment, then bit your lip, which was forming a smile. You continued to stare at him with desire as you took the can and sprayed a large amount right in between your legs. You cocked your head to the side and leaned back on your elbows, inviting Cam to take you for his own. He smirked at you and chuckled to himself, moving down so that his tongue flicked the very peak of the whipped cream mountain. Roughly, he swung his arms under your parted legs and pulled you into him. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, awaiting the pleasure. He let out a deep, dark, grumble. His final words were almost incoherent; clouded by lust:

“That’s my girl…” he said.

Playlist tag

so basically put your iphone/ipod/mp3/etc on shuffle and list the first 15 songs that come up

i got tagged by squats4shawn 

1) Ride // Somo

2) Sweater Weather // The Neighborhood

3) Flights // Jack and Jack

4) Radioactive // Imagine Dragons

5) Classic // MKTO

6) Wiggle // Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dog

7) Do my thing // Miley Cyrus

8) Til Kingdom Come // Coldplay

9) Don't tell em' // Jeremih 

10) Amnesia // 5sos

11) Raybands // B.O.B

12) Cold hearted // Jack and Jack

13) You Found Me // The Fray

14) Chandelier // Sia

15) Headband // B.O.B ft. 2 chainz

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