I want Moana to become huge. I don’t care if it gets the Frozen treatment or the Minions treatment. I don’t care if the songs get played over and over until they’re unbearable. I don’t care if it becomes annoying and people say, “ugh, not again” when their kids beg to watch it on TV.

All I want is Moana on birthday cakes. I want plushies of Moana in every toy store. I want kids dressing up as Moana for Halloween. Moana in coloring books and plastered on bus stops.

I want Moana — this curious, dark-skinned, curly-haired, stocky girl with no love-interest; this girl who dares to take destiny into her own hands — to be the first thing that people think of when they hear the words “Disney Princess.” I want her to become who little girls aspire to be.


Moana - International Trailer #1


“Characters in Moana don’t accurately resemble Polynesian people”
Honestly, I would say that if everyone were skinny and light-skinned (like the rest of Disney). But that’s not the case. Im sure there’d be just as much outrage if he were skinny with a six pack. You can’t please everyone 🤔