moa complex


Breakfast at Pacific Drive

Bell and Howell x Fuji Superia 400

( Somehow I will miss Saturday shift. We are only three or four during the shift and it’s one huge office. We could scream and play loud music and even snooze not to mention pigged out. And then after the said graveyard shift I’ll grab a cup of hot chocolate and pan de sal, plugged my ears with headphones and read a book outside the office. I find it comforting. I just love being alone and mull over the absurdities of life the same way I love to be with people and talk about not-so-important stuff. I am depressed right now because I’m not productive and I’m suffering with this irritating sickness. I have a ff up check up later. Three days sick leave and I feel I'm losing it. I’ll try keep it together. Anyhoo, Happy Sunday)