moa by the bay

Hey, seiyuu fans especially to #seiyuufansph! Remember about Waccha’s radio show program called ‘Hatanorururu’ with Kouchan as their guest and they talk about their fun trip here in the Philippines!!

Problem is, I can’t watch it on niconico because of payment issues on that site (curse the JP privilege sometimes) but someone on twitter was able to watch it and we asked her permission if we can use it as highlights on what they talked about *O* And she said yes 😊😊 And that person is @glagratan on twitter, and she’s actually Waccha’s translator from the Cosmania 2017 seiyuu panel ^^

Before we start the highlights!! Try to look closely at Waccha’s sweater and Kouchan’s hat >w< It’s the same when we saw them at Cosmania 2017 seiyuu panel 😉😉

Now, it’s time to point out what they talked about when they were in the Philippines 👏👏

  • You see the Panda stuff toy that Waccha is holding? Turns out that’s one of the prizes that Kouchan won from MOA’s peryahan (fair games).
  • They took a lot of Sto. Nino photos.
  • They have a photo holding hands as they ride MOA’s ferris wheel which seems they’re in a date 😅 with Jollibee (a statue) and some thin Filipino mythical god-like creatures.
  • They even said that the Filipino mythical god-like creatures resembles Eguchi Takuya so they called him 'Filipino God’.
  • They showed other photos of them eating at Jollibee around 4PM (after the seiyuu panel maybe? so merienda time?), walking around by MOA bay (which Kouchan won the panda stuff toy), going around Manila cathedral, drinking San Mig beer and eating halo-halo.
  • They also showed some photos from the seiyuu panel where they were waving at the crowd and the moment they had a selfie with the audience during the seiyuu panel.
  • They also showed a photo of them holding Kouchan’s surprise birthday cake.
  • They can’t forget the word 'bababa ba?’ 'mahal ko kayo’ and 'ulam’ and they forgot about 'salamat po’.
  • Waccha said 'mahal kita’ with his ikemen voice and then they imitated how we reacted with 'KYAA~’ to that.
  • Waccha was getting excited over the word 'ulam’ which in our country we use it as a term for 'ikemen’ and started pointing at himself 'ore wa ulam (I’m ikemen)’. 
  • They also talked about the rehearsal that morning. They first tried appearing with Waccha on the left and Kouchan on the right like the one in the cosmania 2017 promotion poster, but the plan to surprise Kouchan with the birthday cake coming from the left side, they had to change positions and they’re like why? They tried to follow the position on the poster and the cosmania staff were like 'we’ll switch the photos’ and the staff were signaling the manager to make them switch (otherwise the surprise won’t work) and manager-san took over and they switched 😂 and the surprise went well.
  • For Kouchan, he said 'the rehearsal went well’ but for the rest of the staff they were in a bit of a panic mode 😅😅
  • Also they were so amazed with the LCD panel splitting in half 🤣🤣 But let’s be honest, the sets during the seiyuu events in Japan are way more awesome but it’s nice that he appreciated it.
  • And in the end, Waccha sang Happy Birthday to Kouchan and gave him a cake again which they also feed each other for a bit of fanservice.

And that concludes all the highlights from Waccha’s radio show 〆(・∀・@)


Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater 

A lot of buffet establishments had popped up around the metro for the last year and I have never seen and been to a very interactive and very unique concept of a buffet restaurant.

When you enter the place, it will transport you magically to early 1900’s Tokyo. The Wooden walls and the lighted lanterns on the ceilings. The roof on every teppanyaki stations seemed to imitate downtown Tokyo.

A small display can be seen by the teppanyaki grills showcasing ingredients that they shipped from Japan that they use on all the dishes they serve.

And they have two Legit Japanese Chef serving you LEGIT! Japanese cuisine. How awesome can that be? You wouldn’t spend thousands to taste authentic Japanese cuisines. You just have to drive to MOA by the bay and visit BANZAI. 

What I love about this Buffet restaurant is that everything is serve fresh to you, it wasn’t hanging around the warming trays being dugged up by other people. You order your food and you wait for a minute or so and it’s serve fresh on your table by a ninja.

(see how fresh looking our plates are)

One awesome thing about this type of Buffet Restaurant is that you get to try everything they serve. Not unlike in those huge Buffet restaurants where they serve hundreds of dishes and you tend to over eat because you want to try everything. 

How awesome and unique can that be, right? Cooked upon request and no warming. 

This place is definitely one of the Best Buffet restaurant in the metro. Recommending it to all those people graduating and looking for a place to treat their family and friends. Go try banzai out. Or even your Birthdays. This place won’t disappoint.

Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater

Bldg. J, By the Bay, Seaside Boulevard

SM Mall of Asia Pasay City (just beside the MOA Eye)

For reservations, call: 552-7368 / (+63)  922-8413859 / (+63) 906-387-3353.

For corporate bookings: (+63) 917-7067328


Monday-Friday (Lunch (10:30am-2:30pm | Dinner (5:30-10:30pm) - P699 | P899

Saturday-Sunday/Holidays (Lunch/Dinner) - P1088

Buffet for kids

Children below 4.5ft - P499

Children below 3.5ft – Free

Left-over price – P1288