evolution of sora's love interest (probably)
  • KH1: kairi is the love interest!
  • Com: naminé replaces herself as the love interest but it's still Kairi !
  • KH2: Kairi is still the love interest but Sora cares very deeply about Riku since he's his best friend! (Nomura says this as the scene where Kairi and Sora are reunited and Sora and Riku are reunited are played side by side for comparison)
  • Coded: data Sora, which is another version of Sora, lives together with data Riku
  • 3D: yeah Sora and Riku are in love w each other and are lowkey boyfriends

Okay, I get it, Sora probably gets a new outfit from the Gods on Mount Olympus, but his 2.8 render still has his old hairstyle. So what’s gonna happen? Phil’s gonna grab him and yell “Ya can’t go out like that, ya need a hairstyle that suits a hero!” before he starts furiously brushing his hair?