mo's shit

Let’s be really real this morning before 7 am: if The Get Down was about the (white) history of Rock n Roll in the 70’s and starred white teens, a lot more people would’ve been like “OH THIS IS SO COOL, MUSIC HISTORY” and Netflix would’ve marketed it differently. Tumblr would’ve lost its mind if Dizzee Kipling was a white kid who thinks he’s an alien who is in love with white Thor. Mylene and the Soul Madonnas being an all-girl rock band would’ve been a huge draw. Merch would’ve been everywhere. Coming of age for a moody poet and his reckless and troubled friend trying to make it big with the music they love? They would’ve eaten it up.

This tea isn’t even piping.

  • me: *sees dan on my dash*
  • me: yes bitch 👏🏾😩 mY dAD FUCk me The FuCk UP ainT HE BEAUTIFUL😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾 a lil loud but Dats Fine ! Beauty at its finest !
  • me: *sees phil on my dash*
  • me: yes bitch 👏🏾😩 mY dAD FUCk me The FuCk UP ainT HE BEAUTIFUL😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾 keeps the othEr One QUieT ! Beauty at its finest !
An apology has 3 steps

1) Acknowledging your mistake. If you’re not self aware enough to realize what you said hurt someone’s feelings then i hope the person you hurt is grown enough to let you know where exactly you went wrong. You should think before you speak to avoid this in the first place.

2) Take responsibility for what you did and apologize sincerely to the person. I’m talking about saying, “I’M sorry that *I* did that and hurt your feelings, I understand why it was hurtful and don’t plan on doing that to you again.” NOT “sorry your feelings got hurt.” !!!

3) NOT REPEATING WHAT YOU DID BECAUSE NOW YOU KNOW IT HURTS THEIR FEELINGS. I feel like this is the most forgotten part of an apology. If someone keeps repeating something after you’ve told them it hurts you then they really don’t care about your feelings.

LEARN TO APOLOGIZE, especially to people who love you. That love could easily be given to someone else if you’re abusing it.