Feathers - JMo/LP RPFS

Not sure if oneshot or will continue… but all I will say is Jennifer Morrison in a mothertrucking tux. All the world’s arguments for why this shouldn’t have been written are invalid.

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Jen smiled at the sight of Lana lying on her back, worn out and happy. She layed down next to her, and Lana cuddled up to her side. "That was amazing," she said, kissing her co-worker, friend, and lover. "I love you". Jen smiled at her, holding her close. "And I love you".

oh my januable babies!!!

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Silently, she lowered herself to Lana's sex, inhaling her intoxicating smell. She moaned in pleasure before she began to kiss her ever so intimately. Lana gasped when the blonde's tongue made contact with her clit. It was too much for her to bear. Jen was quick to understand Lana's every reaction and in no time the brunette began to feel the first throes of an earth shattering orgasm. Jen was right there with her, stimulating her until the last wave passed through her body, leaving her exhausted

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Jen took the brunette mouth in her own once more, moving her hand higher up the brunette's thigh. When she reached her hip, she began to trace the edge of her lacy underwear lightly, making Lana moan into her mouth. She pulled away from the kiss, starting to kiss down her collarbone, towards the valley of her breasts. She let go of Lana's hands pulling herself up just enough to bring the babydoll all the way up and off. Looking down at the beautiful woman underneath her she smiled.

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"You little tease," Jen laughed. "My heart just stopped for a second, thinking I had made a mistake," she said, pulling the brunettes arms above her head and holding them down with one hand. She let the other hand wander down the side of the brunettes thigh, bringing her babydoll up slowly. "That was the idea darling," she said, her voice heavy with passion. "What are you going to do about it?" she teased. "Oh," Jen smiled, a wicked glint in her eyes. "You're about to find out".


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Jen stared unbelieving at the goddess that had climbed on top of her. "You are no fun," Lana said sweetly. "I couldn't bring myself to scare you when I saw the heartbreak in your eyes". Lana lowered herself down until her forehead touched Jen's. "I like you too you little dork". And with that, she kissed her. Really kissed her this time. Jen kissed her back hungrily, letting her hands roam over the brunettes body. All of a sudden she flipped, so that she was on top now. Lana looked up at her.



and she called her DORK!!eeps!!

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"Why is that?" the brunette asked, cuddling up to her side. Jen took a deep breath, trying to even her heart beat before the other woman noticed how loud it was. "It's just... Well, we're good friends. I don't want to make things awkward". "Why would telling this person that you like him make things awkward?" "Well," Jen pulled away from Lana, afraid of how she might react. "First of all, because it's not a he?" she said, unsure. Lana smiled. "And that's a problem?" she asked, coming closer.

LP don’t tease :P 

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"Um... Morning sleepy head," Jen managed to say meekly. <br> "Morning Jen," the brunette replied sweetly, sitting up on her bed. As her covers slipped from her torso, Jen felt her heart jumping up to her throat. The very first time they had roomed together Lana asked her if it was ok that she wore a satin baby doll to bed. She couldn't sleep any other way. Jen told her it was fine, but being near her barely dressed was, well, trying. <br> "So," she asked again. "What's silly?" <br> "Nothing?"

ha ha oh Jen;)

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Their trolling needs to come with a warning. Like "Easily Overdose" "Causes death" OR SOMETHING. OMG. THEY ARE SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND INTERACTING. I thought this day would never come. Remember the whole "maybe they hate each other" saga? ROFL

IN the mean time mo'rilla and SWEN is like

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Throwing caution to the wind, Jen took Lana's face in her hands and kissed her. It was a hungry kiss, filled with the passion and desire she kept hidden for so long. After a moment though, Jen noticed that Lana wasn't returning that enthusiasm. She pulled away, staring into Lana's eyes, trying to make sense of what had happened. Lana shook her head and chuckled. She stood up, and before Jen could do anything, pushed her further into the bed. "I was going to tease you," she said, straddling her.