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Mo Vaughn’s MVP collections is finally catering to the underserved plus size man

  • Mo Vaughn, a former baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets, knows how hard it is to be a big guy shopping for clothes.
  • For years, he’d walk into big and tall sections and be faced with clothes that looked the opposite of modern, all oversized jeans and cheap-looking button downs.
  • After years of being faced with lackluster clothes in his size (he describes himself as a 2XL tall), Vaughn launched a fashion brand of his own called MVP Collections.
  • Rather than sticking to outdated silhouettes and fabrics, MVP, which launched in early August, specializes in trendy premium denim in sizes 38 to 50 in various different fits, as well as premium T-shirts in 1XL to 4XL and velour sweats up to 6XL. 
  • By doing that, they’re tapping into a market of larger men who want trendy, cutting-edge clothes, and maybe want to take risks with their clothes as well. Read more

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All the He Tian fangirls from school probably think he’s very polite and a true gentlemanTM because he never tried to do anything “dirty” with them, despite their obvious interest in him. But in fact he’s just gay af and totally the type that shoves his tongue in your throat without warning to show he’s interested in you.

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i cant believe all GUan shans official fanarts except one are all naked aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! But it is yeah , right2

IKR???? i mean, we know old xian likes to draw our boys shirtless, both in the actual story and in official arts, but it amuses me to no end that guan shan appears in various states of undress in 3 out of 4 artworks in which he is featured!! it kinda feels like old xian really wanted to draw him half naked but didn’t get the chance to do so in the story, so they decided to make up for it in official arts!!

(which makes me wonder, when will we get shirtless guan shan in the main story?? not that it’s necessary, of course, but he’s the only one missing out of the main four…….also, will he tian be there too?? will we see his reaction to guan shan showing some skin?? only time will tell, but i’d probably sell my soul for this to happen [starts to pray])

also, i don’t know if it’s just me, but i really have the impression that old xian particularly enjoys drawing guan shan?? especially if we consider that he tian was introduced before guan shan and yet we still have to get a solo art of him


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