TV-Power Season 3 Episode 10 FULL HD

Am i the only one who wants to see some sort of interaction between Zheng Xi and Guan Shan? (maybe Jian Yi as well?)
There are no real hard feelings between them anymore
as evidenced by Zheng Xi saying ‘that red head doesn’t seem that evil’ and Jian Yi not even being bothered when Guan Shan bumped into recently.

I just feel like they could bond over how crazy both Jian Yi and He Tian can be, or playing video games. I feel like Zheng Xi could even be a little brotherly over Guan Shan too.
I desperately want to see them get along well, haha.. (´∀`*)

i feel like guan shan is the type of person who pretends to not get scared during horror movies when he actually does but despite that he still enjoys them immensely, while he tian is the type of person who doesn’t get the appeal of horror movies because they’re ridiculous and the characters acts like idiots most of the time

this of course until they watch a horror movie together and guan shan spends the entire time making jokes about the stupid things the characters do and clinging tightly to him during scary scene. he tian teases him to no end about it, but when they go to bed later that night, guan shan snuggles closer to him and he tian thinks that horror movies are not so bad after all

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Truth is I really love your writing *sweats* so ummm let's just assume that various circumstances happened and suddenly He Tian is in Mo GuanShan's room when no body is home. How do you think he would explore the room? Also his demeanor his thoughts what would he touch etc?

Ooh, I love this. <3 (And you are so sweet.) Turned into a mini-fic I’m sorry lol. 😅

Okay, so he’s going to go through Guan Shan’s underwear drawer first because he’s a sly little shit, but actually if Guan Shan walked in in that moment it would be the easiest thing to explain, because surely Guan Shan would just give him a look and He Tian would grin and shut the drawer and neither of them would say anything because He Tian’s kind of a perve anyway.

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Please give me all the headcanons!!! I'm thristy af right now waiting for the new chapter

i feel you, anon!! like, i know being an artist is really hard and i’ll respectfully wait for the new chapter for as long as it needs, but im also dying to know what will happen and i have to fill the wait with something

so, in the hopes to make the wait a bit more bearable, and because im still recovering from the flu, have some sick headcanons (well, it’s mostly one big headcanon, but still)

  • he tian rarely gets sick, which thank god for that because he is insufferable when he’s sick a real hassle to take care of
  • like at first he would pretend for the longest time to be okay, because he doesn’t want to admit to be sick even if deep down he knows he is, and that always puts him in a bad mood - the ‘get away from me if you know what’s good for you’ kind of bad mood
  • so he would go on like this until it gets so bad that he can’t avoid the issue anymore, at which point he just closes himself inside his apartment until he feels better
  • mostly because i feel like he is the kind of person who hates to be seen as weak and ask for help, and who is not used to take care of himself or be taken care of
  • guan shan is not going to take any of this bullshit of course, so as soon as he realizes how sick he tian actually is he shows up at he tian’s apartment to make sure he is curing himself properly
  • which he isn’t, so guan shan ends up taking care of him by taking his temperature, making sure he drinks enough fluids and takes medicines at the right times, cooking him soup, etc. all the while complaining about what an idiot he tian is for making his flu get so bad
  • and he tian is so not used to this the first time it happens, but the minute he realizes that it’s okay to keep his walls down around guan shan, he becomes the most needy fucker when he’s sick, always asking guan shan to cook him something, or bring him stuff, or keeping him warm
  • on the contrary, being sick is not a big deal for guan shan, but he makes sure to stay home so he doesn’t get worse
  • and he assures he tian that no, he’s fine, it’s just a cold, there’s no need for he tian to go there and check up on him
  • which of course he tian completely ignores and ten minutes later he is at guan shan’s house
  • and he tian would try to do all the things guan shan does when he is the one who’s sick, but it always ends in a disaster (he manages to fuck up even pre-made soups)
  • so he tian usually just ends up sitting near guan shan’s bed while guan shan tries to rest
  • but even if he has three covers on top of him guan shan keeps shivering a lot, so after a while he tian just tells him to scoot over and climbs into bed with him to keep him warm
  • guan shan complains about this at first because “you’re going to end up getting sick too” “i don’t mind” “well, i do, because im the one who will have to take care of your needy ass when you’re sick”
  • but in the end he doesn’t put up that much of a fight because it’s actually nice to have he tian wrapped around him
  • so of course the next day he tian is sick too and they spend the rest of the week curled up together next to the humidifier, half buried under a mountain of blankets and crumpled tissues and bickering about being sick
  • “this is all your fault” “oh, really? who stuck his tongue down my throat even when he knew it was colonized by bacteria?”

as usual, if anyone wants to add their own headcanons, please feel free to do it!!


26 Sep ‘16

This is a celebratory picture, coordinated with the colour of the sun, to mark the beginning of a Journey….

Saddle Up
Buckle In
We’re going to Berlin

… I hear them sing.

Them being me.

Phoebe the Lemon and I embark on a road trip as of now, basically. On the 28th I’ll take the ferry to Amsterdam, acknowledging 6 months of no caffeine and alcohol with, perhaps, a coffee-liqueur - depending on the state of the sea.

It is a cool, calm, grey morning in the Highlands, offering that same sort of peace that comes when you lay the warm, tired skin of your hand on the marble of a Cathedral wall. Ron Sexsmith is serenading, bringing a beautiful humour to my solitude. The cat is at my feet crying to be fed -

‘I have already fed you, Pebbles. ‘


‘Like, 4 minutes ago - leave me to write.’

About 10 hours of road under wheel to roll with. Taking a bunch of CD’s, favourite just now is actually an audio book: The Works of Dylan Thomas. I have listened to Under Milkwood about 4 times since discovering it. It is one of the best things.
So many books. Latest discoveries being a novel, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara (suggested by dear Mo Kenney), a colourful book on music production by Sylvia Massy (suggested by dear Colin Macleod), poetry by Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Howe - two of a few, come to my invigorated attention at Kenilworth Arts Festival - and an an anthology of poems put together by the magnificent Neu!Reekie! - it has a shiny golden cover.

My dear friend, Gav, built me a proper bed for the van, last week. My car now smells of freshly sawn wood and I no longer have to worry that the makeshift ply-wood-scrap bunk, that I myself assembled, is going to buckle under my slumbering body overnight.
I’m going to take avocados, tangerines and a flask of good tea.

The drive is only the beginning of the adventure, however. Once parked and cosy in that strange city it will be time to begin the process of making what I hope will result in a third studio album. I have new songs. I have new thoughts and perspectives, some old and evolved, some same; I want to lay them down.
To help me do this I have recruited a couple capable characters.

First, a band: Declan Forde is a pianist and an old friend from Glasgow; James Banner is a bassist and an old friend I met when he was studying in Birmingham. They both now reside in Berlin and, last time I was there, they put a band together for one of my gigs. On drums, they asked for Max Andrzejewski and on electric guitar, Paul Santner.

The gig, back in May, turned out to be a night of such goodness. The most fun I’d had in a long while. Very musical, very sensitive.
When the notion to record surfaced, I thought of these guys.

Then, with the help of Fin from Fink, a good studio was found: Jazzanova Studio. I will be assisted by the resident engineer, Axel.

I am excited.
I am not nervous.

Sometimes I wonder what sort of life this is. If I will ever settle, if I actually want to settle. All this constant movement. All this wanting to live in different places. All this driving around. All these people. All this love and love lost. All this drive to make noise, more noise and more. Sometimes there is little Clarity.

But when I’m actually immersed in a gig, or a creative project, I forget I ever wondered.

So off we go.

Swimming in the Deep.

Stepan Krasnov.

Off Webster St in Chinatown in Oakland, Ca

Stepan Krasnov is a pop artist inspired by Roy Lichtenstein from Moscow who was in San Francisco for the Meeting of Styles, hosted by Mission Art 415. This was painted in Oakland curtesy of the Dragon School. Krasnov is a member of 310Squad - a street art team. Their pop art can be found all over Europe. They create art based in realism, abstract art and of course pop art. 

See his website