*after school, Friday afternoon*

He Tian: Here’s the key to my apartment.

Mo Guan Shan: What the chicken dick do I need that for?

He Tian: So I don’t have to wake up and unlock the door for you, when you come over in the morning to cook me breakfast.

Mo Guan Shan: I’m not coming over to cook you fucking breakfast! 

He Tian: I like my eggs boiled. 

Mo Guan Shan: I never fucking agreed to this!

He Tian: *leaving* See you tommorow morning, babe.

Mo Guan Shan: *angry noises*

Main ingredient

GuanShan: Now, put the salt. Just a little!
He Tian: *sighs* This is not what I expected when I asked you to cook together
GuanShan: This is just an omelette! What the fuck did you expect?
He Tian: That’s not what I mean
GuanShan: What the fuck do you mean then?!?
He Tian: Something like…“I’m your dinner” or “ Want to eat me?”
GuanShan: *blushing* THAT’S NOT EVEN COOKING!!

take this burden - part 27

[ shelter - porter robinson ]


Mo Guan Shan said something, donning a light green t-shirt that fit like it had been made for him and a pair of snug, gray, jeans.

He pulled on some socks and a pair of black tennis shoes.

Lastly, he went into the bathroom and fixed his hair.

He stepped back into the room, giving He Tian with a questioning look.

‘Sorry, what?’

‘I asked if you still want to go to the club.’ He repeated.

‘Oh…sure, let’s do it.’

‘You alright?’ The redhead asked, concerned.

‘Yeah, I’m fine. You look fantastic.’

Mo Guan Shan looked down at his outfit with a frown.

‘I dressed down a bit, I can put on something nicer…’

‘No. No, no. I do need to be able to talk and drive.’

Mo Guan Shan smiled, a faint tint to his cheeks.

‘So…should I lose the sequined thong?’

‘That’s not funny.’

‘It’s a little funny.’

He Tian rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

That’s what he’d been going for, at least.

The way Mo Guan Shan was looking at him told him he hadn’t quite pulled it off.

‘I’m going to go get cleaned up. I’ll meet you back here in half an hour or so.’

‘Sounds good.’

He Tian turned looked around the room.

‘Where’s the cat?’

‘Under the dresser.’

He Tian nodded as if that was the most normal thing in the world and turned to leave.

Mo Guan Shan waited until he left and checked his reflection one last time, trying to see himself the way He Tian did.

He made sure Felix had everything he needed and made his way into the living room.

Jian Yi turned to look at him, raising his eyebrows.

‘You look great.’

He fought the urge to ask what the difference was tonight that warranted compliments.

‘You’re coming with us, right?’

‘Of course. Come with me and let me check your various injuries while we wait.’

Mo Guan Shan followed him into the bathroom.

‘You got the stitches wet.’

It wasn’t a question.

‘Yeah. Sorry.’

Jian Yi pulled his kit out from under the sink, fishing around for a small pair of scissors, gently snipping the threads and removing them with a pair of tweezers.

He applied some ointment and a small band-aid.

‘They were in for long enough, it seems. The bruise is looking better. So is your lip. You look significantly less like you got your ass kicked.’


‘Alright, let me see your ribs.’

Mo Guan Shan pulled his shirt over his head.

The oldest bruises were barely noticeable. The newest were fading slowly.

‘Does it still hurt?’

‘Not much.’

‘Take a few deep breaths.’

Jian Yi poked at him for a minute or so, seeming satisfied.

‘Last thing, take your pants off.’

‘And they say romance is dead.’

‘It is. Pants off.

Mo Guan Shan sighed, unbuttoning his jeans, working them down his hips and propping his leg up on the counter, fighting intense embarrassment as Jian Yi crouched down.

He applied some translucent gel to the scars and antibiotic ointment to the newest one, slapping another band-aid over it.

‘Alright, you’re good to go.’

Mo Guan Shan slid off the counter and redressed.

‘Are you alright?’

‘You tell me, doc.’

Jian Yi rolled his eyes.

‘You know what I mean.’

‘Yeah.’ Mo Guan Shan assured him. ‘I’m fine.’

The front door opened with a creak.

‘You guys ready?’ He Tian called.

Jian Yi raised his eyebrows questioningly.

‘Don’t leave me alone in there.’ Mo Guan Shan pleaded quietly.

Jian Yi reached out and gave his arm a light squeeze.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

They joined He Tian.


The drive to the club was short and tense.

Both He Tian and Mo Guan Shan, for different reasons, became more nervous by the minute.

As always, He Tian drove like an asshole, so it didn’t take long.

He Tian pulled into his parking space, the yellow concrete barrier should have read ‘He.’ But had been crossed out with black spraypaint. 

Haphazardly painted next to it-


‘Angry ex-employee?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘Nope, that was me.’ Jian Yi piped up. ‘Just keeping him humble.’

He Tian snorted.

‘Thanks for the touch-up.’

‘Don’t thank me, I wanted it to be a dick.’


Mo Guan Shan laughed, checking his pockets to make sure he had everything, and opening the door.

He Tian held his hand up, low enough for only Jian Yi to see.and waited for Mo Guan Shan to close the door.

‘I need to take care of whatever has undoubtedly gone wrong while I was gone. Don’t leave him alone in there.’

Jian Yi suppressed a smile.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

They all exited the car.

He Tian locked the doors and led them around the building.

Mo Guan Shan froze when he saw a small line of loud, well dressed, people outside the door. 

He suddenly felt underdressed and even more unprepared.bombarding him with all the things that could possibly fo wrong here 

Especially for…whatever this was. 

A job interview?

People would undoubtedly realize they’d arrived together.

What would they assume?

What did he want them to assume?

What if the other employees were dicks?

What if he made an ass of himself?

Without missing a beat, Jian Yi grabbed him by the upper arm and fell into step with him as He Tian approached the bouncer.

‘Stand up straight and keep walking. No time for hesitation.’

Shocked, Mo Guan Shan let himself be pulled along, adding another item to what will be a very long list of things to thank Jian Yi for.

They reached He Tian, standing behind him while he finished his conversation and the bouncer stepped aside.

There was a very long moment when they stepped inside and let their eyes adjust.

Mo Guan Shan looked around, taking it all in.

He Tian watched him.

As the neons danced in his eyes and leached the color from his skin, he smiled.


Heart skipping in his chest, he took Mo Guan Shan’s hand and pulled him into the crowd.


Yoru mo Aoi Shouta - FutsuOta Special 20170428

Sorry for the slightly bad quality recording, the broadcast kicked me out in the beginning since im only a free viewer but the rest of the recording went by smoothly. The full live broadcast was free unlike the regular broadcast where free viewers get kicked out after 10 minutes. So I hope no one calls me out for uploading this as I just wanted to share the cuteness that is Shoutan in this special episode for those who weren’t able to stream it live in NicoNico.

FutsuOta - letter reading corner. This was a special episode where Shouta mainly read lots of letters and gave his comments etc.,. He didnt do the regular corners from his regular broadcasts like S-Chan game… It’s also why the whole broadcast was only around 35 minutes, and probably why the full broadcast was free.

Some funny moments:
- he noticed a typo of one letter sender where she typoed kore kara mo (literally “from here on out”) to kore kura mo and Shouta was like “LOL i typo like this too!” lmao
-a letter sender asked about his manly glasses selfie the other day and he said he likes to show gaps like that every now and then to surprise people (lol i bet he was laughing his ass off seeing how fans went wild on twitter after that selfie lol)
-he makes lots of dumb faces and voices lolol well sasuga extra af shouta lol also his dumb laughs blessed my life as always
-letter sender’s sister calls shouta “Shoutantantan” so after reading the letter he went “Hello Miko-chan, Shoutantantandayo!” and if that aint the cutest thing ever

Anyways enjoy! 

Note: Please do not reupload anywhere and claim it as your own recording. If you want to upload somewhere else please let me know through pm or chatbox and link back to this post~

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I follow you, cause i dragged you into this mess and now I feel all responsible XD What have I done? You know I love you, I never wanted to hurt you like this XDDD

How can you even sleep at night, when you know, what you have done to me?! Okay, no, you don´t sleep at night … I guess, now I know why. O_O”

(Aka: I love you, too! And I am sooo glad, you brought me to this wonderful fandom and introduced me to Emmerdale and Robron. What even was my life before ED? Thank you so much, also for sticking around with me, even though I can´t compare with your level of salt. >__<)

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hey my pal the band Go! Child recently released a new song based on The Adventure Zone (more specifically Johann) and i thought i'd let you know since that seems right up your alley. the song is called Stipulation, and you can find it on youtube :P

i’m just gonna…………… go listen to that right now right this second

This morning I told my doctor about nightmares and we’re gonna try some stuff before starting meds roulette. Just now I called 2 therapy offices, got on a waitlist at one and left a message at the other. 

I want a gold star pls because telephones are the worst and telling people i have brain problems is the worst and doing both at once is the WORST.