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Guan Shan x He Tian Stripper AU

Leather jacket? Check. Mesh shirt? Check. Sequined booty shorts and marching thigh-high boots? Check and check. Mo Guan Shan had packed his bag, ready for his shift at the bar.

He hadn’t planned on becoming a stripper. Not at first. But money was tight and the job paid well, so why the hell not? Besides, it’s not like he was going to bump into anyone from school, not in this seedy place.

He arrived at the club and waltzed into the employees-only room to change. After struggling a bit to zip up his boots and throwing on some smoky eyeliner, he was ready to go.

The announcer called him out by his stage name, “The Fox,” and with a rhythmic “click-clack” Guan Shan walked out into the spotlight.

He knew what these people wanted, the middle-aged men sneaking away from their wives in the dead of night, the drunk college girls, the cute gay boys looking for a place free of judgment. He knew what they wanted, and he was going to give it to them.

He snaked his body up and down the pole, parting his legs, licking his lips. He wasn’t Mo Guan Shan. No, under these purple lights he was “The Fox,” the seducer of men, a fantasy that got paid in hundreds and could have anyone in the room.

He arched his back, ran his hands up his thighs, moved the pole seductively between his legs. In one swift motion he threw off his leather jacket, drawing applause from the crowd. He fed off their energy and gave them more, gave them himself until he was sweating and heaving, bills tucked into his shorts, the purple lights finally fading.

And in that moment he saw a sight that made his blood run cold.

He Tian was sitting not a foot away from him, arms crossed, a smirk on his face. “I didn’t know you could dance like that,” he said coolly.

Mo Guan Shan was at a loss for words. He scarcely remembered to grab his jacket before clamoring off stage, his whole body shaking, not even the hoots and hollers of “encore” deterring him. He ran into the back room without looking back, and slumped down in a chair.

He was caught, and he didn’t know what to do about it. What would his classmates say when they found out? Would he be kicked out of school?

He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn’t notice his manager walking into the lounge.

“Guan Shan, someone’s waiting for you in the champagne lounge. Looks like a big spender too. Don’t blow this.” And with that, he left.

Guan Shan wanted to run, but he wanted the money more. Besides, he had already been found-out. He might as well make the best of it while he could.

He took a deep breath, threw on his jacket, and walked over to the private room. He didn’t see He Tian anywhere in the main area. He probably left, he thought to himself, relived, before pulling the curtain back.

He felt his heart skip a beat. Inside sat He Tian, a wad of cash in his hand, the same smug expression on his face.

“Why are you here?” demanded Mo Guan Shan, turning red.

He Tian’s mouth curled into a smile. “Isn’t it obvious? I want you to dance for me.”

“You want me to what? Are you out of your god-damned mind?”

He Tian lifted his hands in mock defense. “Why, is that any way to treat a paying customer?” He asked, his tone easy.

Mo Guan Shan eyed the wad of cash. It was tempting, as much as he hated to admit it. He’d almost made up his mind to actually dance when He Tian said:

“If you don’t want to dance, it’s fine. Just sit down and talk to me.”

Guan Shan considered his offer. “I can’t afford to do that,” he replied.

“I’ll pay you.”

A moment of silence passed. “Okay,” said Guan Shan, sitting down. “What do you want to talk about?”

He Tian popped open a bottle of champagne and poured him a glass. Crystal. Expensive stuff.


“Me? I’m not that interesting,” he said, blushing.

“Really? Living a double life as a stripper isn’t considered interesting?”

Guan Shan took a sip of champagne. “Nope.”

“Well I must be boring as cardboard then.”

“Yep. Have any siblings?” He felt his cheeks get hot as he downed another flute of the stuff.

“A brother, actually.”

“And what does said brother do?”

“He works as a body guard. For Jian Yi’s father if you would believe it. You should be glad you ran into me instead of him, he really would have done a number on you.”

“You act like you didn’t.”

“Nah, I like you too much to actually hurt you.”

“Sure doesn’t seem like it sometimes.”

“I can stop, if it bothers you that much.”

Ugh. His voice was too earnest; it made it hard to think. Guan Shan downed another flute of champagne. “This is stupid,” he said, standing up. “Let’s just get this over with.”

He tried to take a step forward before falling and landing on He Tian’s lap. He regained his composure and readjusted his legs so that they were straddling the dark haired-boy. When he finally met He Tian’s eyes, he was blushing.

Heh. So he was capable of being embarrassed. Guan Shan took satisfaction in that before he stated grinding his hips, his hands cradling He Tian’s face. They had never been this close, and Guan Shan noticed his long, black lashes, the smell of his cologne, the soft cupids bow of his lips. This wasn’t the first lap dance he gave, and probably not the last, so he was surprised when he felt himself blushing too.

He’d never noticed it before, but He Tian was actually…cute? Maybe that wasn’t the right word for it, but Guan Shan felt something churning in his chest and he didn’t want it to stop.

They got lost in the moment, in the air and the ambience and the alcohol, and He Tian leaned in, his lips about to brush Guan Shan’s. But at the last possible moment he pulled back.

Guan Shan looked at him, his eyebrows drawn in a silent question. He Tian pointed to a sign. “No Physical Contact.”

Guan Shan frowned. “The sign doesn’t really apply to this room.”

He Tian cocked an eyebrow. “So you want me to kiss you?”

Silence. “Yes,” Guan Shan said in a small voice, his cheeks red.

He Tian studied him for a moment before softly brushing his lips with his.

It was much different from the kiss they’d shared earlier. It was gently, sweet, and like the champagne, Guan Shan couldn’t get enough of it.

Finally He Tian broke away.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Guan Shan asked, his eyebrows drawn again.

“Uh, can you….can you please get off my lap?” Asked He Tian, rubbing the back of his neck, sheepishly.

“You’re hard,” said Guan Shan mater-of-factly, not registering his own words.

“Yep,” he said.

His words finally hit him. Guan Shan jumped up, his face a new shade of crimson.




“See you in school, I guess,” he said, handing him a wad of cash. “And uh, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Guan Shan was trying his best to avoid looking at his crotch. “The bathroom is that way, if you need to, uh, take care of… of that.”

“Thanks,” He Tian said, awkwardly shuffling out.

He stood there for a minute, not sure what to do.

Then he sat back down and closed his eyes. Despite how it all ended, he thought it’d been pretty fun. It felt almost like a…a date?

Ugh. He felt himself blushing again and covered his face. He reached for another glass of bubbly to calm his nerves, but all it did was intensify the butterflies in his stomach. As much as he hated to admit it, he wouldn’t mind if He Tian stopped by again.


Bringing this back becuz: I love the Mo-Blue-Mix of DANGER so much omg😍😍😍😍 Namjoons intro also thanhs voice😍🔥

kaamilama  asked:

Hi! How do you feel about mpreg? (Pregnant Guan Shan oh my god can you imagine????) Sorry if it's not your kinda thing :o

(Just a header since this got long: this includes the discussion of the mpreg trope, and the Guan Shan as a ‘mother’ trope.)

So: It’s not my thing.

I think I understand the underlying basis of it: a guy adopting a traditionally maternal role – or just thwarting expected (and biologically determined) gender roles full-stop and exploring a scenario that has only ever been a woman’s. Not only that, but you can have a same-sex couple naturally conceive a child, which must be an appealing ideal to have a child be fully ‘your own’. There’s a strain of transphobia that can run through this trope, but see this post that explains that particular element far better than I can.

For others it’s just cute/sweet and/or can be smutty. (Ultimately it’s just a kink.)

So while I understand the concept and why other people love it**, and I have read fics in the past few years where that’s a tag, it’s not something I read for that, and I don’t seek it out. Likewise I’m not rejecting it or turning away for it, but it just doesn’t tick boxes for me.

I can’t imagine writing it, I’m sorry, lovely!

** I think my only real reservation for it is that it very heavily feminises a character to the point of misogyny. This is an issue, I believe, that cropped up in Teen Wolf’s Sterek fandom and the ‘pack mother’ trope; this didn’t really involve mpreg as a trope, but because Stiles was doing certain things (cooking, cleaning, etc.), he was labelled a ‘pack mother’ – rendering him a part of some strange 1950′s misogynistic sphere, where Derek was cold and relatively unfeeling, and Stiles was ‘warm and cuddly’ (which … he’s not), and I see the same danger of that sort of occurring in 19 Days but with and without mpreg. 

That because Guan Shan performs certain tasks (cooking, cleaning), he is a ‘mother’, suggesting that those tasks in themselves are inherently feminine (traditionally) – and that in itself is sexist. It’s the idea that to perform those tasks, you are womanising yourself – that those tasks are delegated to a woman and only a woman. That only a woman is capable of performing them, and thus Guan Shan must be womanly to perform them. (Add mpreg to the mix and … it gets messy.) 

Essentially: to be capable of care and compassion and to do laundry is not because you are like a woman/a mother. You are a mother because you are a woman with a child. If you identify as a male and give birth to a child, that makes you a father, doesn’t it? (ie. the male parent of a child) Likewise, Guan Shan performing certain tasks is parental/care-giving more than it can ever be ascribed to a gender, so why are we not calling him ‘dad’? Why are women and mothers the only ones capable of giving care to children (via domestic tasks)?

Something to think about, perhaps. 

ocpd-rose replied to your post “there is no such thing as a bad time to talk to me about johann”

my fav johann thoughts are like…i bet angus chills w him a lot? like johann, playing his music to the voidfish, and angus wanders in and just sorta sits against the tank and reads a book or something. and they dont rlly talk, but johann appreciates his company, and the music is soothing bg sound for angus to read to. he’s gotten used to being alone down there, but now any time lucretia needs angus, she knows hes probably hanging out w johann

i’m gonna SOB I LOVE. nice relaxing hangouts with johann and the voidfish are my fav but adding my beautiful son to the equation makes it a million times better