Week 3 of Stanuary - Memories

“I don’t care if I don’t get all of my old memories back.  I’ll just make sure to hold on to the new ones.”

dan howell? the prince of roses and softness. he is the sun and his warmth radiates throughout the entire world and can be felt by all. His voice rings with truth and understanding. Beautiful in every aspect. A good boy.

phil lester? the king of creativity and starlight. he is the moon and his light shines brighter than anything and eliminates all darkness. His smile is genuine and shows kindness. His beauty is unmatched. A good boy.

They’ll always be special.


Well, well, well, what have we got here?

This here is the reason why I’ve been so inactive. As some of you might know, I’m in my final year of Sheridan Animation, so it’s thesis film year! I’ve been hard at work on my storyboards, designs and this baby right here.

I’m doing a hybrid film, 2D animation done over a photographed background. This here is my set! I’m almost finished and I’m lighting it and taking my pictures next week!!

I’ll probably pop up some photos of that once it’s done, then I’ll be heard at work animating until the end of April!

I may not be very active for a little while, but I’ll try to keep updating when I can!!

My film is titled ‘Off The Rails’ and it takes place in the a fine car of a steam engine.

ang gago ng bagong ka-officate ko tangina non laging nagpapatawa kapag may nipophone interview ako. like as in tapos siyempre hindi ko mapigilan tong tawa ko kaya hinohold ko yung tawag. kaya ang ginagawa ko kapag siya naman may tinatawagan niloloko ko rin, ayun binababa niya yung tawag. meron pa isang beses sa sobrang banas ko sa applicant ko sinabihan ko ng “WAG KA NA MAG APPLY” tapos biglang inagaw niya yung phone tapos siya na yung kumausap. nag sorry siya doon sa kausap ko (nangengealam amputik char) pota first time yun ah talagang nabanas ako sa applicant ang daming arte sa buhay. tapos narinig yun ng boss ko at akala ko magagalit pero hindi pala lol bahala sila sa buhay nila. anyway, sobrang enjoy sa office ang kaso sobrang stressful din. hays bakit ba ang toxic sa hr mga bes??? :—)