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What do you think about their first vacation together? Im thinking ht would choose somewhere lavish but gs would rather it be somewhere more affordable? :D but imagine them parasailing together or something hehehe

this is one of the oldest messages i had in my ask box and i really don’t know where to begin to apologise for how late this reply is!! im really really sorry, anon, and i can only hope you’re still around to see this!! 

i’ve always imagined their first, real vacation (just the two of them) to happen as a sort of celebration for their one year anniversary, and i definitely can see he tian suggesting some expensive hotel in an european capital for it, but like you said guan shan would try to convince him to go somewhere more affordable, especially because i feel like guan shan wouldn’t want he tian to pay for everything, but would insist on paying his own half. if i have to be honest, i LOVE the idea of the two of them having a beach vacation, it’s simple but it can also be very nice!! please consider!!!

  • they spend most of their time doing little more than sleeping, eating, and going to the beach, but they also explore the town a bit, getting ice cream on the boardwalk and eating at a small seaside restaurant where the edge of the deck opens up onto the waves; guan shan pokes around in souvenir shops to find a gift for his mom, while he tian takes pictures (mostly of guan shan)
  • guan shan has to put a lot of sunscreen on because he has very sensitive skin, and he tian takes full advantage of it any time guan shan asks him to put some on his back: he tian’s hands roam all over it, pressing gently into the tight knots in guan shan’s shoulders, brushing his sides, moving lower and lower, and slipping a couple of fingers inside his trunks before stepping back, leaving guan shan shivering and blushing bright red
  • guan shan unknowingly gets back at he tian every time he comes out of the water like a glistering sea god, hair slicked back and swim trucks running low on his hips, droplets of water sliding down his broad chest, and he tian thinks he should be used at seeing guan shan half naked after a year of being together, but he looks amazing like this, sun-kissed and flushed with ruddy heat, and all he tian want to do is taking him back to their room to have his way with him
  • the sun also makes guan shan’s freckles appear, and he tian spends an entire morning mapping them out and kissing all of them as they laze around in bed, the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves coming in from the open window
  • girls still swarm around he tian even there, and guan shan is not jealous, he isn’t, he knows he has no reason to, but he still spends most of the time glaring at any person approaching he tian and trying to flirt unabashedly with him, which is why he probably doesn’t notice all the people hitting on him and making he tian jealous in return, and when that night he tian leaves dark marks on him so that everyone will know he is taken, guan shan makes sure to leave one on he tian’s neck too, over the throb of his heartbeat
  • guan shan still doesn’t feel too comfortable with public displays of affection, but in the evenings the beach is almost desert with the majority of the other guests visiting the town, and it’s easy to slip his hand into he tian’s one as they slowly walk on the shoreline, or curl up together with him under the same blanket on a cold night as they watch the bonfire
  • guan shan not being quite there with pda yet is also he tian’s favourite excuse to drag him underwater any time they’re out swimming so he can kiss him there without anyone seeing them
  • they end up having sex on the beach one late night during their usual walk, after they find a hidden place behind some rocks; they both agree it was a terrible idea when they found themselves with sand in places where sand shouldn’t be, but the shower they take together to get it off when they get back to their room makes up for it

(and i just realised that if they go to the beach they can also go parasailing, which makes me laugh a bit, but they’re both secretly dorks so i can see them doing it!! im just trying to decide if one of the two would be secretly terrified by it, but pretend he isn’t, mmhm)