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Dancing with the Devils

Demonic Guardians AU belongs to starfleetrambo


Sorry for the messy sketches but I had to get this idea down!
Starfleetrambo was asked about the demons getting more and more humanoid the more they connected to their human (or something idk correct me if I’m wrong) and then I started imagening the stages of the demons, you know, like, getting something that has the basic human shape but no destinct color or clothes. Just small bodies like chibi demons or something haha.

It also looks like Pi Mo is offering a sort of business proposal for Stan… Hmmmmm…..


I originally intended to do a full video but then I realized that I am lazy and so you get these two gifs instead.  I do like me some demonic guardians AU.

From this song:

I will pry redo this at some point so that I can do the pose I originally intended for Dot (and make boths outfits more distinct from each other) and I am thinking of also adding Pi Mo