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15.04.17 - Do you ever see a character design so cute you must draw fanart for it? Because it happened to me. Meet Pam the pansexual fairy. She is @milkybel ’s character, and I love Pamela very, very much. She is so incredibly cute! Thanks for letting me draw her! 💙💛💓

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     [ I wish people would stop shipping every character under the sun. My first blog was a single-ship, my second blog never had a ship, my third (main) is now dual-ship. I have one sort-of ship on Doflamingo. Combined on my 8 accounts, I have 4 ships. I guess it’s just a thing for me, that I prefer there to be more meaning behind a ship than just the fact that the mods want them to be together. Yeah, sure, I enjoy shipping as much as everyone, but I think there is such a thing as TOO MUCH SHIPPING. Things can be interesting without there being romantic / sexual interactions. That, and I also think it’s pretty ooc, when people have their muse fall for 200 people, when, in canon, they’ve never fallen for anyone ( this especially applies to one piece characters, since one piece is not really about romance ). ]


     [ We don’t need more OCs in the One Piece fandom. We have some really good ones, but, to me, most of them are not interesting. I would far rather interact with a canon character than most OCs I see around. I’m not saying I hate OCs, because, in reality, I adore them when they’re done right ( some of my fav blogs are OCs; @vagabondofbabel​,  @waveringiridescence , @shrapnelsong , @cfkindness , @partinglass​ to mention a few ). However, a majority of the OCs I see around are not to my taste, so, I would much rather people stopped making new OCs ( in the one piece fandom ), and rather picked up canon characters. ]

mikkel & another new oc, mo. i’m still not super sure who these kids are but one answer is definitely: not as cool as they think they are.