mo no mo

I love …( part 1 )

How Mo guan Shan when from being

At some point in the 19 days serie

the most hated character ( at least for me - Yeah shocking right ! 😱)

And I swear to god after that rock panel I was do with his bullshit.


Becoming the universal Baby Mo of the fandom !

And lord knows i would go to hell and back or him that offer my life to prevent him from getting hurt by anything or anyone

… ( except Bad Baby boy He tian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

and in the matter of Talking about baby He tian

I love how far him and baby mo have come

They where both lonely boy

And then meet each other

But don’t get me wrong their relationship give me anxiety to the Max !

It’s just so complex, scary and profond,

And yet …beautiful.