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so, the opening of the underground comix show was quite a hit last night. big thanks to everyone who came out - even though i probably didn’t talk to you. as is the case for me in most large social gatherings, i only saw a handful of people i knew and socialized very little. i mainly wondered from comic to comic and drew on the large communal sheets of paper that were placed between the works [note: i did not draw the wonderfully powerful anthropomorphic cack n’ balls, but i did contribute gandolf.]

the show’s going on until the 12th so you should check it out if you’re in the area. once the show is done, i’ll be posting the series up here. until then, i’ve got a few comics in the werks to look forward to. 

it’s done.
Things I’ve Learned Since I Turned 20” is now done. 8 pages, tri-color. i know i said i would post them as i finished them, but i ended up finishing them all on the same day, which, incidentally, happened to be the turn in date. also, i didn’t have a scanner available, hence the picture.

The Underground Comix Show is on the 8th, where mine’ll be a part of a bunch of other comics hung up for display with minis for sale. So, y'know, that’s something to put on the resume, eh?

in the meantime, i won’t be uploading the individual pages until after the show because i’m a dick. however, i have another comic that’s in the werks for future viewing so GET EXCITED, GUYS :D

…no, but really. get excited. get excited or i’ll find you.

hello bewildering amount of new followers! you’re just in time - i just posted two comics that are neither entertaining nor referencing of any pop culture. instead, they are kind of gray and all about me. also, i colored this one with some markers so you guys know what my hair color is. this is important information. you will be quizzed later.

welcome! welcome! welcome! 
how did you find me?