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#208 Baby names

Dan: “I can’t sleep.” He said suddenly one night, sitting up.

“Me neither. Baby’s keeping me up,” you put your hand on your large belly.

“Have you thought about any names yet?” He asked.

“I don’t know… I kind of like Lily, if it’s a girl.” You shrugged.

“Lily Howell. Yeah. Lily Howell. I love that,” he said quietly, grinning down at his hands.

“Have you thought of any boy names?” You laughed a little.

“No. Cause I know it’s gonna be a little Lily,” he leaned down and kissed your stomach.

Phil: “So,” he sang as he plopped onto the couch next to you.

“Buttons.” You remarked with a giggle.

“Ha ha. No, but I was just wondering if you had come up with any baby names? I wanna know what we’re gonna call my little boy,” he poked your tummy.

“He’s my little boy too, you know.” You stuck your tongue out. “But I kind of was thinking about Andy, or Peter,”

“I don’t like Peter, honestly. But I love Andy!” He cheered. “Andy Lester. Yeah.”

“Or we could name him Mo,”

y'all are so fuckin quick with dan and phil

dan and phil: *release something* 

 y'all .00000000184 seconds later: Here is an essay in MLA format about the interaction dan and phil just had. Here is data and statistics correlating it to other interactions. Here is a charcoal piece of art work taped on a glass sculpture about the interaction.

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