mo lester

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: after all these years of hardcore analysis of Daniel James Howell, i assumed that he wrote the tweet for several reasons. He's a kinky twink who needs to take it down several notches and also lip balm. I thought I knew him. But. I thought wrong. I've also been analyzing Philip Michael Lester and I've gathered two things about him: he's an angel and he deserves the entire world. I pegged him as a pure soul who is innocent in this world. Little did i know of the sin that lies deep within him as well. He made the tweet? outrageous. offensive. infuriating. So the question is: can you trust anyone? how do you get over betrayal? how do we move forward? is my entire life a lie? what is the truth??? find out on the next episode of: What The Fuck
y'all are so fuckin quick with dan and phil

dan and phil: *release something* 

 y'all .00000000184 seconds later: Here is an essay in MLA format about the interaction dan and phil just had. Here is data and statistics correlating it to other interactions. Here is a charcoal piece of art work taped on a glass sculpture about the interaction.