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22.Kit Walker (AHS Asylum)

Morning/Afternoon/Some indeterminate time that fits neither of the other two options! How’re you all? I hope you are doing magnificently. You all deserve to be doing magnificently. Ives and I are lucky, we have pretty awesome followers. I’m feeling quite happy right now because Easter and Chocolate…. I DON’T THINK WITH MY STOMACH WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Hehe, no I do. I really do. It makes me happy XP I hope you all had an amazing Easter (I’m not really religious, but if that’s your thing, you own it, friend!) Anyway, Happy Reading! 


“The Name Game! JUDY!!! JUDY JUDY BO BUDY BANANA FANA FO FUDY FI FO MO MUDY…. JUDY!!!!” I sang to Mama Jude. Probably very out of tune, probably very out of time. Probably just crap in general, but she was in a daze. I turned on the music-playing-thingy-ma-bob and turned it to the real song. Whatever the fancy new tech was called. I had no clue.

I started grooving around, trying to get Mama Jude out of her stupor. It was not working in the slightest!
A man was watching me as I moved my little fisted hands in a skier motion one at a time and as my hips followed suit.

“What?!” I laughed.
Kit got up and laughed too. “You call those moves? Nah, these are moves!” We couldn’t really have a lot of fun here as friends of the wrongly convicted, but this was by far one of the best moments of my life. Kit started on some fancy footwork so I laughed and started pretending to be snorkelling and grooving. After the song finished we retired onto the couch, exhausted from our “hard work”.

Kit turned to me and I looked at him. Our gaze met and I started leaning in…. Just a second before our lips touched, Kit turned away.
“What? What’s… Ah… What’s the matter?” I asked, desperately trying to forget the pain of rejection.
“I just… I can’t.”
“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice”
“I can’t put you through this. Dating me… It always ends wrong.” I shook my head. What absolute rubbish.
“I couldn’t care less.”

And with that I kissed him. Who cared what happened to us in the future… I wasn’t going to let little green men get in the way of my love life!

Remus visits his friends during the summer and ends up on the roof of the Potters’ house, his head in his hands, trying not to cry because he just can’t take being a monster anymore - and that’s what he thinks he is, no matter what his friends say. He’s always been a monster in his eyes, and he thinks he always will be. 

Sirius looks around the house for Remus, and then Peter tells him, quietly, that he’s pretty sure he saw their mate slip upstairs half an hour ago. So Sirius goes up and sticks his head out the window, finally spotting Remus. He clambers out - nearly breaking his neck in the process, the klutz - and sits down beside Remus. Putting his head on his friend’s shoulder, he sings quietly, Moony, Moony, bo-boonie, banana-fana fo-foonie, fee-fi-mo-oony, Moony!