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All For You - Morgan Rielly

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word count: 1687

warnings: suggestive comments

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you dug your feet deeper into the sand. it squished between your toes, one of the softest things you’d ever felt. a cool breeze blew in as you breathed deeply and inhaled the scent of the ocean. you kept your eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the sun and hearing the birds chirp.

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Date?! 🎆

(…)=thoughts, *…*=doings, //…//=happening

// at a 5-Star restaurant // 🌌

Mo: …. Why am I even here - with you no less?! 😑

Tian: Its a Date - obviously! 😏💕

Mo: NO! ITS NOT! 😣💢 *blushing*

Tian: haha.. well lets order^^ 😆

*taking the menu cards* 📰


Tian: You can order whatever you like … i pay - of course^^ 💳😁✨

Mo: Hah… being sooo generous! well - then i will just order the most expensive one!^^ 😒

Tian: heh .. if you want^^ 😉

Mo:  …… (rich bastard!) 😐

// at the end mo orders the most cheapest thing anyway //

*eating their food* 🍷🍽

Tian: Soo…. little mo, how do you like it? 🙂

Mo: I-Its good enough … i think.. (SO DAMN DELICIOUS - FUCK!✨) ..AND STOP CALLING ME THAT! 😤💢

Tian: hmm…. i like your cooking more! *smile* you make the most delicious food!^^ 😋

Mo: Wha………… 💦 *mumbling* t-thanks..^^ *blushing a lot* 😳

Tian: hehe *smiling while looking at mo* 😉

Mo: w-what about.. beef stew… for tomorrow.. *more blushing* (stop smiling at me like that!) 😣

Tian:  ….. *smiles even brighter at mo* (I LOVE YOU - MARRY ME!) 😊✨

Mo: …. (grr .. damn you! - and your good looking face!!) 😓😵

Tian: 💕💕💕

Mo: … 😶(💘)

Foirfe - Perfect

for @internallydeceased

Jamie stopped eating mid-bite to look at his wife as she contentedly sipped her tea from across the table. She had been grinning almost non-stop since they had announced their pregnancy at the family’s Hogmanay party a few days earlier. He, on the other hand, had felt oddly compelled to be within arm’s reach of her at all times. There were even some moments when his body had to be touching her’s or he just felt wrong.

He reached over to gently stroke her knuckles. A grin started to creep across his face no matter how hard he tried to subdue it.

“What? Do I have something on me?” she pleaded. “Is it avocado? I made myself a sandwich for lunch at work because it sounded so delicious.”

“Mo Sorcha, have I told you yet today how beautiful you are?” he sighed. “I could swear you’re glowing.”

“Jamie!” she blushed. “Not since we woke up. To be honest, I’m just hoping the morning sickness buggers off soon so I stop looking so positively green.”

He shifted his hand to trace her jawline and bring her face closer.

“You will always be the most beautiful woman in the room,” he whispered in her ear. “No matter what color you think you are.”

Claire took his hand to place it over her bump.  “You’re ridiculous and we love you.”


At the beginning of her last trimester Claire was singularly focused on the final draft of her PhD thesis. She always came home from long hours at the library to a warm dinner on the table, a clean house, and the laundry competed. Love notes would put in random places for her to find throughout her day. It wasn’t easy being married to a professional student, they both knew the pitfalls, but he made it look easy.

The dishwasher hummed in the background as the couple sat on the sofa half listening to a documentary that played on the television. They sat quietly as they watched the skin ripple back and forth just under Claire’s ribs.

“That has got to be the oddest feeling!” Jamie bubbled. “I mean, just watching it is surreal. Can you believe that in a few weeks we’ll actually be parents? I am so proud of you, lass. You’re going to be an amazing mum.”

“Are you ready for this?” she sniffed. “I’ve got so many questions and no mother to ask. And I have to complete my final degree with a newborn! It’s all so..”

“Overwhelming.” they said in unision.

“I’m ready to do whatever I need to, just like you.” he soothed. “I promise we can do this.”

Claire sighed. Whatever stars aligned for him to be in her life, she was grateful.

SamCait FanFic - The Storm P1

Caitriona lit the last of several candles on their kitchen table and blew out the match. A thin line of smoke curled away from the bright flames. She was setting the table for dinner, as well as preparing for the loss of power. The news reported Capetown would get a large tropical storm that night and following morning and all shooting for the next day was cancelled.

She and Sam made arrangements, going grocery shopping with their cast mates and colleagues, as well as picking up other provisions: wine, candles, and…Sam ran off for a secret errand that he refused to share with her. He said it was a spooky surprise and promised he’d fill her in soon enough.

The sky was already pitch black though it was still before sundown. A few small lamps illuminated the apartment along with the candles at the table. Caitriona was cooking up a tasty shrimp stir-fry on their (thankfully) gas stove while Sam was in the shower, readying himself for the night.

He entered the kitchen in a t-shirt and sweats, his hair damp and his body clean, “Mo chirdhe, that smells delicious.”

“Why, thank you dahhhling.” He kissed her neck and embraced her from behind, careful not to interrupt her focus on the shrimp and vegetables in the sizzling wok.

“Shall I open the wine?”

“Yes, please.”

He left her and opened a bottle, the cork popping out with a satisfying plonk.

“Which did you choose?”

“The red. It’s more fitting.”

“For what?”

“For this spooky scary storm!” His accent was thicker for emphasis, and she giggled at his showmanship. He poured them both glasses and placed them on the table. “Are you afraid?”

The question wasn’t sinister but Sam was grinning like a wicked Jack-O-Lantern as she came towards him with two steaming plates of food.

“No. The only things that scare me are small with lots of legs.”

“No ghosties or ghoulies, then?”

“No, I’m not like you!”

“We canna control the forces of the universe. They are bigger than we ken…” He dug his fork into a broccoli floret and attempted a nibble before continuing, suddenly serious, “I heard that there was a murder on the floor of this building.”

Caitriona stopped and studied him, trying to discern if he was lying. “When was this?”

“A few years ago. The doorman was telling me about it. Said it was a lover’s quarrel and the woman stabbed her boyfriend to death.”

“Hmm…sounds terribly scandalous.” Caitriona took a gulp of her wine and continued watching him closely, waiting for him to get to the point.

“He said there are stories from tenants waking up to dark puddles of blood on the floor, but when they turn on the lights, there’s nothing there…”

Despite her distrust, she was starting to get spooked.

“That’s why I chose the blood red”, he held up his glass to the candlelight, “I thought it fit better with my story.” His grin returned as he took a sip.

“Sam! You are going to pay for this! That didn’t really happen, did it?”

“Maybe…” He winked and continued eating. “This is delicious.”

Caitriona had an idea, and hoped she’d get a chance to use it later.

After they finished their food and cleared the dirty plates, Sam ran off to retrieve his surprise.

The rain was light, but it blew against the dark windows and the wind produced howling noises between the buildings. They still had electricity, for now.

Sam reappeared with small paper bag and handed it to her. “Thought this would be perfect for tonight…” She opened the bag and found a copy of “The Collected Poems of Edgar Allen Poe”.

Caitriona smiled, “How romantic and macabre of you, darling.” She kissed him and gently ran the fingers of her free hand along the soft, delicate pulse in his neck.

“I thought we could read them aloud. Something to do if we lose power.” He slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her to him, “Well, it’s one thing we can do…”

A loud rumble of thunder startled them. “We should enjoy the lights while they last, aye?”

Cait refilled their wine glasses and went to their bedroom to change into something more comfortable. She emerged in a thin t-shirt and a small pair of cotton shorts. Sam was already on the couch, having moved two candles and their wine glasses to the coffee table in front of him..

“Come” he patted the cushion next to him, “I’ve a poem for ye, mo leannan.”

“Mmmmm, do you now?” Caitriona sat and draped a blanket over them. Before relaxing back onto the pillows, she slid her hand under his shirt, feeling the hard muscles there. He gasped.

“Cait, your hands are freezing.”

“It is a bit chilly in here.” Actually, she’d run her hands under the cold tap in their bathroom before joining him. She could be creepy, too.

There was another rumble of thunder, followed by a crack and a barrage of heavy rain against their windows. A howl of wind came and then–the few lights they’d kept on vanished.

“It’s started…” Sam remarked, his face lit only by the light of the candles in front of them.

“Read me something! Can you see?”

“I can. Which should I pick..?” Cait was sitting with her legs over his lap and her torso against the side of the couch. The light blanket covered both their legs and made for a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Sam cleared his throat,

“It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee…”

He continued, his vowels smooth and his consonants sharp. His drama school teachers would be proud. Caitriona found herself taken by the sad tale and almost forgot how irritated she was with him for scaring her earlier. Almost.

When he finished she leaned over and kissed him, “That was beautiful. Can I read one, now?”

“Of course, mo chirdhe.”

“I’m going to read…” she paused to make a crude bird call.

“The Raven!”

“Nah…let’s find something less popular…” She flipped through the slim volume and selected a short poem titled “The Valley of Unrest”. She read it with a clear voice, discovering it along with Sam.

“They weep:—from off their delicate stems
Perennial tears descend in gems. ”

When she finished, he reached his thumb to her bottom lip before leaning in to kiss her. She opened to him and he snatched the book from her and threw it to the floor. Within seconds he was on top of her, hungry for her flesh. He pressed her into the couch and his hands caressed her skin as they moved her t-shirt up towards her neck. Caitriona was pinned and losing track of her plan. His weight on her and his natural musk made her wet between her legs. She tried to press herself to him while thinking “Please let’s make it to the bedroom.” It was important that they did.

“Sam,” she panted. “Let’s get to the bed.”

He paused, looking up from her bare breasts and sighed, “Whatever you want.” He rose and offered his hand to help her up. She took it, and grabbed one of the candles from the table before they left the room.

“Blow out the other candle, love.”

He met her eyes as he blew it out, leaving them with nothing to see by except the candle in her hand. They maneuvered into the bedroom, Caitriona in front and Sam flush behind her with his fingers tucked into the back of her shorts.

This ‘Everything Pasta’ seems really straightforward, which it is. I know some blogs can post stupidly easy recipes but this one is really handy to have up your sleeve as it takes about 15 minutes and can be so adaptable. Sometimes a little bit of guidance can be super handy when you’re staring blankly at your fridge! Now, the recipe is called everything pasta because (within reason) everything can go in to it. So, in the words of Blue Peter, here is one I made earlier… please feel free to adapt, mix up and change any of the ingredients but this is a great base. As always happy eating and please let me know if you give this a try!

Everything Pasta

1. Put a small pan of water on the boil with a pinch of sea salt - once boiling add however much pasta  you feel you can eat and cook. While the waters boiling pop the oven on 180*, once preheated, add two of Linda Mccartneys Chorizo and Red Pepper Sausages (soooo yummy), any veggie sausage will do but this adds a really nice flavour. 

2. Chop one onion and one clove of garlic finely and add to a frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Let this soften then add some chopped kohlrabi ( really strange cabbagey vegetable that’s in season at the mo. it adds a delicious crunch), one tsp of oregano and half a red pepper. Let this fry away and once it’s beginning to brown add a squeeze of mustard and a squeeze of tomato puree

3. Give this a good stir then turn it down to a low heat and add a handful of kale and a handful of spinach with 2 tsp of butter and some fresh basil. This will wilt nicely. Your sausages and pasta should be cooked by now. chop the sausage roughly in to your frying pan and add the drained pasta. Finally mix in 1 tbsp of parmesan and voila! 

Of course this is totally adaptable but i’ve made sure theres a good variety of textures in this recipe for you to draw from. Enjoy!

FitzSimmons wish list

(Or my “I’d seriously consider murder to have these things on my screen” list)

  • FitzSimmons slow dance
  • FitzSimmons undercover mission
  • FitzSimmons dinner without tears (preferably just them in the base’s kitchen sitting across from one another, Fitz wolfing down the sandwich while Jemma looks at him fondly but also mildly disgusted when he teases her about something with his mouth full)
  • FitzSimmons sleeping next to/leaning on/cuddling/spooning in the same bed
  • Jemma wiping Fitz’s tears away (and vice versa) (we were so close to this in 3x09, but I’m not greedy that hair tuck did me in just fine) p.s. I am greedy
  • Scene of them making each other laugh/smile
  • Passionate make-out scene (maybe Jemma initiates and at first Fitz is all bumbly-nervous but then something comes over him and he’s all confident passion)
  • Jemma undoing Fitz’s button up
  • Fitz undoing Jemma’s button up
  • Fitz wearing a tie and Jemma adjusting it or tugging on it
  • All girl mission or hang out
  • All boy mission or hang out
  • Lusty looks in the lab, eyes darting to lips, sexual tension galore
  • Fitz holding/firing a gun
  • Jemma science-ing
  • Fitz holo-tabling
  • FitzSimmons combat training/physical training with May/Bobbi
  • Mack & Jemma conversation
  • Fitz & Daisy conversation
  • Fitz & Lincoln conversation
  • Jemma & Hunter interaction
  • Jemma & Daisy best buds interaction
  • FitzSimmons shower scene (I just have this image of them holding each other under the spray)
  • FitzSimmons in the rain or a storm (I like the idea of bringing weather elements in to play)
  • FitzSimmons situation where one is holding the other’s face who appears dead/knocked out, the other is entreating them to open their eyes, desperately repeating their name, demanding they open their eyes (thanks Teen Wolf)
  • Fitz carrying Jemma bridal style (or Mack carrying Jemma just because I really love the image of giant big holding tiny small)
  • Jemma stepping in front of Fitz in the face of danger
  • Jemma raging
  • Fitz temper tantrum (I say that in the fondest way)
  • Fitz neck kissing Jemma
  • Jemma administering medical treatment to an injured Fitz
  • Jemma kissing the back of Fitz’s bad hand (is it even still bad anymore? Either way it would be a sweet acknowledgement)
  • A whispered “I love you”