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I Saw The Devil (2010)

Director - Kim Jee-woon, Cinematography - Lee Mo-gae

“Think about it. If I was to kill you I would’ve already killed you before. I will kill you when you are in the most pain. When you’re in the most pain shivering out of fear, then I will kill you. That’s a real revenge. A real complete revenge.”

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This Week’s Playlist:

1. Swimming Pool- The Front Bottoms

2. Hallelujah- Panic! at the Disco

3. The Weekend- Modern Baseball

4. Tear in my Heart- Twenty One Pilots

5. Hum Hallelujah- Fall Out Boy

6. Trouble- Imagine Dragons

7. Your Graduation- Modern Baseball

8. Clairvoyant- The Story So Far

9. Twin Size Mattress- The Front Bottoms

10. Black Treacle- Arctic Monkeys

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Iggy's hips don't lie.

*trumpet blasts*










Ignis, Ignis

I never really knew Iggy could move like this,
He makes a man want to go gay-ish.
¿Cómo se llama?
Muy guapo.
En Galdin,
(Es Ignis, es Ignis)

Oh Gladio when you talk like that,
You make my heart go mad,
But be wise, and stop it,
We have to focus in battle.

But I’m on tonight,
You know my hips don’t lie,
So you just have to wait for night.
All the attraction, the tension
Remember to bring some protection.

I never really knew Iggy could move like this,
He makes a man want to go gay-ish.
¿Cómo se llama?
Muy guapo.
En Galdin,
(Es Ignis, es Ignis)

Oh Gladio when you talk like that,
You make my heart beat fast,
Be patient, I’m parking
Here to stay at Lestallum.

And I’m on tonight,
You know my hips don’t lie,
And I’m starting to feel you, boy.
Come on let’s go, back to
The hotel cause this is perfecto.

Oh I know I am on tonight, my hips don’t lie
And I am starting to feel it’s right
Your complexion, and my flexion
Dear Gladio, this is perfection
(Ignis, Ignis)


I can see your bo dy mo ving
Half behemoth half man 
I don’t, don’t really know what I’m doing
But you seem to have a plan
My will and self restraint
Have come to fail now, fail now
See, I am not doing this nearby the guys, I can’t so you know
That’d a bit too hard to explain

Baila en la calle de noche ♪ ♫ ♬
Baila en la calle de día ♪ ♫ ♬

I never really knew Iggy could move like this,
He makes a man want to speak British,
Whut’s yo name?
So handsome.
At Gladin,
(It’s Ignis, It’s Ignis)

Oh Gladio when you talk like that,
You know you’ve got me hypnotized.
So be wise, and keep on
Touching the spots of my body.

Señorita, ♪ ♫ ♬ feel the conga, ♪ ♫ ♬ let me see you move like you come from Altissia ♪ ♫ ♬

Mira en Insomnia se baila así, say it! ♪ ♫ ♬

AAAANANDSSNDADNA I’m on tonight, my hips don’t lie
And I’m starting to feel you boy
Come on let’s go, real slow
Gladio, like this is perfecto

OOOADSOASOAOODh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don’t lie
And I am starting to feel it’s right
Your complexion, my flexion
Gladio, you are perfection

(No fighting
No fighting)

Funny story my dumbass only read the part of the rules that said to make four uninspired characters, I forgot to read where it said it was an animal themed contest lol so you don’t have to take mine seriously I just wanted to show my planet 51 and escape from planet earth knock off


Dudley is banished from his planet for not supporting their communists ideals and crashes his ship in Nevada of course  and wanders into a 7/11 and draws attention to himself and gets arressted by area 51 but luckily Marc whitnessed the whole thing while buying cool ranch doritos and follows. At Area 51 Evil Guy locks Dudley in a cell with Princess Bunny and he falls in love with her but girl power shes hard to get and needs no man and she tries to break out. Bunny’s pets Mo and Bo latch onto Dudley immediately and Bunny thinks he’s not so bad and they try to break out. SURPRISE Marc snuck into Area 51 disguised as a janitor with his laptop in hand and opens their cell. *Comic relief all over the place* Evil Guy gets real Evil and stuff happens but the movie is an hour and 10 mins long so everything is resolved and Evil Guy is now Good Guy and good dad[comic reielf here] Bunny kisses Dudley on the cheek and they leave Earth with Good Guy and Marc and they go to planet Notc and suddenly they arent communist anymore and then [insert pop culture song] plays and dance party *comic relief with Mo Bo and Marc and then Pan over to Dudely and Bunny laughing to each other and then they kiss on the mouth for a while and the end*

Of Mafias and Men (11)

Parts:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 / 12 13 End

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Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N for this chapter 

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Y/N jolted awake in the cold cabin. She hadn’t realized that she had fallen asleep with her head resting atop Jaehyun’s firm shoulders. Looking down, she saw how his hoodie was laid on top of her like a blanket, lending her warmth.

“We’re here,” Jaehyun said, looking at her with a smirk on his lips.

“But where exactly is ‘here’?”

However, Jaehyun’s smile only held mystery.

The first thing Y/N noticed as soon as she left the plane was how warm the air was. Excitement built-up inside her as it finally sank in her that she’s in another country.

As they walked towards the conveyor belts to wait for their luggage to arrive, Jaehyun surprised her by holding her hand. He fitted his fingers in between the spaces and squeezed. It made Y/N smile. The beat of her heart quickened and she could feel the blush spreading on her cheeks which she tried to hide.

When they finally had everything they brought over, Jaehyun led the way outside of the airport. He then held out his arms in a gesture of welcome and said, “Welcome to the Philippines.”

Y/N’s jaws dropped. “What?”

She was a 4-hour flight away—1 629 miles away from home to be exact. Contacting Taeyong, even if she wanted to, was clearly impossible. But even so, the idea of being away, even if it was just for a day, thrilled her. Y/N looked forward to what sort of adventures she was going to have with Jaehyun.

He only smiled at her, the impish kind, like he had done a great prank which he successfully did.

Approaching him, Y/N hit his arm. “You really are crazy.”

The laughed from Jaehyun bubbled deep from his throat. When he was done, he said, “Only for you.”

Complete that with a wink.

Y/N’s backside couldn’t feel sorer at how long the car ride was to wherever they were heading. It felt numb, practically non-existent.

Error 404: butt not found.

“How much long?” she asked Jaehyun as she shifted in her seat, trying to get some blood circulating to her system.

“Too long,” Jaehyun replied. “We’re not arriving in at least 3 hours.”

Y/N deadpanned then made a pained expression. She didn’t think her butt could take that long of a ride anymore.

“We got to have breaks.”

Jaehyun nodded in agreement. “Hungry?”

“Yeah,” Y/N admitted shyly.

“We can stop by somewhere to buy dinner.”

“Okay. Sounds good.”

“This place’s a fast food chain and probably the most popular one here in the Philippines,” he shared.

“Anything’s fine by me.” Y/N shrugged her shoulders, not really caring as long as she got to eat. “So, where are you taking me?”

This time, Jaehyun smirked. He took his phone out to read the name of the place. “Mo-al-bo-al?”

“Huh?” Y/N grabbed his hand so she could see the word he was trying to read.


“The place’s famous for its beaches.”

“Uh huh,” Y/N said. She was a bit skeptic but sighed and said, “Alright. I trust you.”

“I rented a house by the beach,” Jaehyun added. “But tomorrow, we will be going to Kawasan Falls?” he paused, unsure of the pronunciation, then nodded, “Yeah. That sounds about right.”

“You really did plan out everything,” Y/N said as she rested her head on his shoulders. “You must have really wanted to spend just a day with me.”

The thought made Y/N sad for some unknown reason.

Jaehyun rested his head on top of hers. Then whispered, “Yeah.”
“Well, you got your wish. You got one day to change my mind,” Y/N whispered back before drifting off to sleep again.

All was peaceful until Y/N felt someone shake her shoulder.

“Y/N?” Jaehyun’s voice was pulling her out of the depths of unconsciousness. “Dinner’s here.”

Y/N sat up, still groggy from sleep. She didn’t realize she took the entire backseat. Looking up, she saw Jaehyun handing her a bag of burgers and fries through the opened window. After taking the bag from him, she got handed a large cup of soda.

Bright reds and oranges washed the inside of car and Y/N looked outside to see where they were.

Jollibee?” She said to herself as she read the name of the fast food chain. They had parked the car on the side of the road.

“I didn’t know what you wanted to eat,” Jaehyun opened the car door and settled beside Y/N again, “so I just got you a big burger.”

She opened the bag and the scrumptious aroma from the burger made her mouth water instantly. Without a moment to lose, she immediately took a bite and sighed in contentment at the delicious taste.

“Delicious?” Jaehyun asked her, happy at the expressions she was making.

Y/N could only nod her head.

“Let’s go?” Jaehyun addressed the driver.

And they were back on the road again.

“Is it that good?” Jaehyun asked, breaking the silence that had wrapped itself around them. “You’ve been quiet for a while now.”

“Yeah.” Y/N paused from eating and looked at Jaehyun. She wiped the side of her mouth which was stained with ketchup.

“Want some?” she offered.

Without hesitation, Jaehyun took a bite out of her burger and came up smiling. “Thank you.”

He looked like a kid at Christmas who just got what he wished for. Even though what happened shocked Y/N, she couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute Jaehyun was being.

“How much long till we arrive?” Y/N asked, still eating.

“We’re almost there,” Jaehyun replied. “I asked the driver while you were asleep.”

“Oh. Good. But it’s so far, though.”

“It is.” Jaehyun nodded in agreement. Then he looked back at her. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yeah.” She had just finished eating. “Thank you.”

Jaehyun pulled her closer so she could rest her head on his shoulders again. “I just thought you deserve a break, too.”

“With you?” There was the quality of teasing in her voice.

“Yeah, with me.”

Y/N looked at Jaehyun, the close proximity allowing her to study his face and seeing how he seemed to be distracted still made her ask a question bugging her ever since that afternoon.

“Jae, what’s bothering you?”

“Hm?” He looked right back at her and saw the curiosity shining in her eyes. He shook his head. “Nothing.”

Y/N sat up straighter. “That’s not nothing.”

“Y/N,” Jaehyun sighed, “we can talk about it later.”

But ‘later’ never came because as soon as Y/N and Jaehyun arrived at the beach house, they were too tired to talk about anything.

Y/N went inside the bedroom first and did her nightly rituals to freshen up. After which, she plopped on her bed, opened her flip phone, and tried to contact Taeyong.

They had just made up from their recent fight and the sudden trip could very well be the stem of another.

She sighed. It was useless. Her phone couldn’t even get signal. Let alone messages or calls.

Yup. It was definitely another war with Taeyong.

In the middle of the night, Y/N stirred from her sleep as she felt the bed shift. Creaking one eye open, she was greeted by the sight of Jaehyun’s sleeping face.

She was about to close her eyes again, not fully registering what was happening, when she realized the close proximity she now shared with Jaehyun.

Her eyes snapped open again, now alert. She kicked Jaehyun out of the bed who fell with a crash. “What are you doing, Jung Jaehyun?!”

Jaehyun came back up, rubbing his sore arm. “Ow!”

Y/N pulled the sheets closer to cover herself. “When did you come to my room?”

She probably should tone down her voice but the thought of sharing the bed with someone other than her sister shook Y/N up.

“What?” Jaehyun scrunched up his face. “What are you talking about?”

His mind was still slow from sleep and the rude awakening did not help.

“Why are you here?” Y/N was calm now.

Instead of replying, Jaehyun plopped back down on the bed then said, “It’s my room too.”


Jaehyun lifted his head from the pillows to reply, “Because there’s only one in the house.”

“How much of this have you planned, Jaehyun?”

There was no longer a reply, just a light snooze from him.

Y/N slowly went back laid back to bed, still shaken. It amazed her how many firsts she had shared with Jaehyun, this being one of them. Taeyong had not even been on the same bed as hers. The closest probably was when he held her hands that one time she got a terrible fever from her cold.

And they’ve been best friends for a long time!

It felt weird and scary.

With Jaehyun, Y/N had to admit she liked the thrill every time she’s with him but he feels dangerous. Dangerous of how easily he could make her forget of time passing because she’s too engrossed with talking with him. Dangerous of how he could easily make her heart beat fast and her cheeks blush. Dangerous of how carefree she feels when she’s with him.

It scared her.

Still, her feelings for Jaehyun were unsure and debatable.

When she could no longer take it, Y/N sat up again and positioned pillows between their bodies, creating a wall in the middle of the bed.

This was to prevent Jaehyun trying anything funny.

When Y/N was satisfied, she lied in bed again but decided to observe Jaehyun’s face up close.

He really was handsome; she had to give him that. With a tall, delicate nose and soft, red lips, Jaehyun exuded innocence when he’s sleeping. With her index finger, she traced the lines from his forehead, down his nose, and to his lips. Then stopped when Jaehyun moved slightly.

Y/N sighed. She really shouldn’t be distracted. With that last thought, she went to sleep.

However, in the wee hours of dawn, Y/N felt something heavy resting on top her stomach.

She groaned in her half-asleep state. Opening one eye, Y/N saw how Jaehyun had taken away the division of their sides and placed a muscular arm over her like a cage, trapping her in his embrace.

“Jae,” Y/N drawled, her voice still heavy with sleep. “Off.”

With a bit of effort, she managed to take his heavy arm off her.

However, after a few moments, something heavy fell on top of her again and Y/N had given up all hope. She knew it was Jaehyun’s arm again.

So instead, she succumbed into his embrace, into the warmth of his firm arms. It felt safer and peaceful.

Sighing in her sleep, she no longer resisted and that was when Jaehyun pulled her closer.

“Jaehyun, this is not what I signed up for!” Y/N had to shout her words to be heard against the loud roar of the waterfalls. She looked down and felt somewhat nauseous from the height she has to jump from.

The early rise and 1.5 kilometer hike had been worth it as her eyes feasted on the scenic beauty provided by the river connected from the waterfalls.

“Whoa.” That was all that came out of Y/N’s mouth when they finally arrived.

With clear turquoise waters set against bright green foliage, Y/N thought it was one of the most beautiful sights her eyes had set upon.

And there it was. The Kawasan Falls.

Y/N regretted underestimate its height because Jaehyun, being the thrill-seeker bastard that he is, urged her, no, forced her to jump from it.

“Come on, Y/N.” Jaehyun’s voice pulled her back to reality. “You can do it!”

Then he moved too close for comfort to fix the straps on her lifejacket.

“You’re all set for the jump,” Jaehyun whispered in her ears.

The low whisper sent a shiver down her spine although her cheeks felt warm. Jaehyun backed off, seemingly content at the effect of his actions on Y/N.

And being the crazy, spontaneous bastard that he is, he hugged Y/N and launched themselves off the cliff and into the cold waters down below.

“Jaehyun!” His name was all Y/N could scream as she hurtled down.

His boyish laugh was the last she heard before they disappeared into foam and bubbles.

“So, how is it so far?” Jaehyun asked as he and Y/N went out that night to set up a camp fire right outside their beach house.

They stayed for a few more hours at the site of the waterfalls. There was a bamboo raft available so they rented it and paddled closer to the waterfalls. Staying under rush of the waters felt like a massage.

Instead of replying, Y/N said, “Are you sure you’re allowed to light up a camp fire though?” Her eyes searched the beach for any signs of authority that might call them out.

By then, Jaehyun had already lit up the twigs and kept the strength of the flames going.

When he was satisfied, he sat on the sand, not bothering to lay down a blanket to keep the sand from getting everywhere. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Y/N sat opposite him.

“I almost forgot!” Jaehyun bolted right up his seat and patted his pockets in search of something. A look of discovery made its way on his face when he finally found what it was.

Y/N strained to see what it was when Jaehyun produced a rose-gold smartphone, the newest one in the market. He held it out to her and Y/N just stared at it then back to Jaehyun before finally setting her gaze on the phone.


“What’s this?” Y/N asked, bringing her eyebrows together in confusion.

“For you,” Jaehyun replied as he sat back down. “I figured, you know. You might need it.”

He placed the phone in her hands and she felt how foreign it was. Y/N wasn’t used to ‘modern’ phones and she held it like a time bomb about to explode in her hands.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Y/N still could not believe Jaehyun was just giving this to her.

Jaehyun chuckled at her lost expression.

“Ever since I saw how outdated—“Y/N somehow felt offended with his words, “your phone was, I thought of gifting you a new one.”

Y/N stared at the rose gold smart phone and reveled at the idea of how much it must have cost. “I don’t even know how—“

“Go on and try it.” Jaehyun’s expression showed how eager he was to see and discover the phone’s features.

But Y/N’s fingers did not move. “I just can’t accep—“

“Y/N,” Jaehyun said in a serious tone this time. “I won’t take no for an answer.”

She bit her lip, at a loss of what to do before finally sighing in defeat. Looking into his eyes, she asked, “Why are you so kind to me, Jae? Like how you’re always giving me cups of coffee.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “How…how did you know?”

She rolled his eyes at him. “Please. As if it wasn’t also obvious? Americano? That’s all you order in the coffee shop.”

Jaehyun smirked then said, “I’m glad Americanos remind you of me, Y/N.”
“What?” Y/N was flabbergasted. “That’s not what I meant!”

“Aw, no need to be shy about it,” Jaehyun teased.

She only rolled her eyes in reply. “Fine. Think whatever you want.”

Jaehyun only laughed.

“They were also gone when you were.”

“I’m glad you are noticing.”Jaehyun smiled at her but then it fell when he saw the expression on her face.

Y/N frowned. “You don’t have to give me anything, Jae.”

“But I would give you everything, Y/N,” Jaehyun whispered, bringing her face close to his. She could see how his eyes shone with unshed tears. “Just ask.”

He sealed it with a kiss.

Y/N closed her eyes and savored the moment where their lips touched. She noticed how soft Jaehyun’s lips were and her heart threatened to burst out of her chest. Something damp touched her cheeks and she knew tears finally escaped his eyes.

And just as quickly, he broke the kiss.

He stared into his eyes, searching for hope. It made her guilty.

“I don’t want anything.”

“Was one day not really enough to change your mind?” he asked, pressing his forehead against hers.

Y/N could not even answer him. So, she just shook her head. Tears were also forming around the corners of her eyes.

“Why can’t it be me, Y/N?”

The guilt weighed her down like she had been asked to carry the world. Y/N hated to disappoint him when they already had shared so much.

There was already an answer in her mind. But even as Y/N was about to say it like a sentence, deep inside her, doubt began to grow.

Y/N sighed. She hated to break Jaehyun’s heart. Even the thought of it sent sharp pains to her chest as well.

“I’m sorry. I like someone else.”

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The Name Game
Jessica Lange (Judy Martin)
The Name Game
The Name Game

Judy, Judy, bo Budy
Banana fanna fo fudy
Fee fi mo Mudy

Lana, Lana, bo Bana
Banana fanna fo Fana
Fee fi mo Mana

Come on, everybody
I say, now let’s play a game
I bet you I can make a rhyme
Out of anybody’s name
The first letter of the name
I treat it like it wasn’t there
But a “B” or “F” or an “M” will appear
And then I say bo, add a “B”
Then I say the name and banana fanna and a fo
And then I say the name again with a “F”, very plain
and a fee fi and a mo
And then I say the name again with a “M” this time
And there isnt any name that I can’t rhyme

Pepper… Pepper, Pepper, bo Bepper
Banana fanna fo Fepper
Fee fi mo Mepper

But if your first two letters are ever the same
I drop them both and say the name

Like Bob, Bob, drop Bs— bo Ob
For Fred, Fred, drop Fs— fo Red
For Mary, Mary, drop the Ms—mo Ary
That’s the only rule that is contrary

Now say bo
Now Tony with a “B” Bony
Then banana fanna fo
Banana fanna fo
They you say the name again with an “F”, very plain
Then a fee fi and a mo
Fee fi mo
Then say the name again with a “M” this time
And there isn’t any name that you can’t rhyme

Kit, Kit, bo Bit,
Banana fanna fo Fit
Fee fi mo Mit, Kit

The name game
Hajd trimnia trimnia se dul alltia vdiq Bruc Lee-a pse se ngjova none e baben pse mrrethun mu krejt te kqijat ? Ja vuna drynin jetes teme bash me durt e mia , e tash jam bo pishman moj zemer si plakat e kqija … Mkujtohet si sot nje dit kur baba mtha : or cun , se shokut mir me shok shum i derdhet gjaku lum , mtha qe mos mu bo ti ai shoku , se shoket loder dun , shoket dun nje loder tfort e lodra e fort u bona un … Ku i pata shoket kur mpat ra pengesa ?? Skisha pas asnjonin kur po mvite debolose .. A thu kom bo trimni se per shoket shum kam hi , e vertet se isha 18 vjeç po trut hala si fmi … Athere kur tthojn shoket je bo i fort si 500 kile , athere kur tthon se je i fort athere ta kan me hile .. SHUM PO MVJEN INATI SE MKAN ARDH TRUT PAK SI VON , A TA KISHA DHE NJE SHANC PA NDRYSHU SE KISHA LON …
—  7 Trimni e 1 Hile