mo b

  • [3am phone call]
  • He Tian: I just want to check something~
  • Guan Shan: not again..
  • He Tian: so I was wondering...
  • Guan Shan: [sighs]
  • He Tian: if you, uh, love me? like, really really like me or something?
  • Guan Shan:
  • Guan Shan: He Tian, we've been dating for 5 years now.
  • He Tian: yeah. so.. is that an yes or a no?
  • Guan Shan:
  • Guan Shan: would you please stop calling me from the kitchen at 3 fucking in the morning and get back here?
  • He Tian: .. yes or no?
  • Guan Shan: [groans] oh. my. god.
When you realize that Carly Rae was never actually "going to the Store,” but would tell her bf that as an excuse so she could slip out and see somebody else, and by “going to the Store” one last time, she’s actually walking out on him:


26 albums from 2016 → Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION: Side B

“This album almost never was. Well, technically all the songs existed, I just didn’t think to share them until we toured. But meeting many of you face to face, getting to share in one of the most joyful touring experiences of my life, all I wanted was to give back more of the feelings you all gave me.”