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Teamsters Local 320 Steward Seminar 2011

Brothers and Sisters,

Again it is Labor Day and Americans are happy for an extra day of rest and relaxation. Please join a Labor Day parade or picnic as proud Teamsters if you can spare the time. Labor Day is the union movement’s gift to the American people in honor of the American worker. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Local 320 encourages all working people, union or not, to enjoy Labor Day. Just remember that union workers have fought and died for the right to organize, for health and safety standards, for a living wage, for retirement security, and for Labor Day itself.

In 1894 immediately following the many deaths of striking workers and members of the American Railway Union at the hands of an armed military force during Chicago’s Pullman Strike, the United States Congress unanimously voted to approve legislation that made Labor Day a national holiday. Then President Grover Cleveland signed the legislation into law a mere six days after the strike. Today the struggles continue for the basic right to organize into a union, safe working conditions and a livable wage. 

In Los Angeles port truck drivers struck for union recognition and Teamster representation. The drivers walked the picket line in search of dignity and respect that they never got from their employers. Picketing outside Green Fleet System’s headquarters in Carson, Calif., they were joined by other Teamster brothers and sisters. A candlelight vigil led by port drivers and clergy kept spirits high with hopes that their prayers for justice and union rights will someday be answered.

So as you celebrate this well deserved holiday, please do not forget the struggles of working men and women of past and present.

Happy Labor Day!

Brian Aldes




Happy Holidays and Peace Be With You From Teamsters Local 320!


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