mnr: 062513

Oh my god I’m still high on the laughing gas

Halfway though I saw him pull one o the teeth out and I cracked up idk why
I was like
It just looked realt funny

Also when I say down I was like hyperventilatif and then they turned the radio on and somewhere only we know was playing
And they put the laughing gas on and started giving me injections which sucked those really sucked
But the so g mad e me happy and I was kind of calm hearing it

I told him it was my favorite band
He laughed but no seriously keane made it a lot Bette
Bless you keane
Bless you tom chapli n
I love your voice
Bless Tim rice oxley
Bless Jesse Quinn
Bless Richard hughes
Bless Dominic who I think was in the band when twy records hopes an fears