Planning on seeing a Yankee game this weekend? If you’re taking Metro-North Railroad to Yankees-E.153rd Street station, see Ellen Harvey’s permanent work The Home of the Stars in the pedestrian overpass. This large-scape series of glass mosaic panels captures the south-facing Bronx evening sky in April as it changes from 6:30 to 9pm depicting the radiant cloud-filled sky to a starlit night.



We recently installed a new percent for art project at the Metro North Pelham Station on the New Haven Line! Artist Loren Eiferman was inspired by the town of Pelham’s historic houses, studying carpet and wallpaper designs from the 1890s to create HOME: Inside/Outside. Eiferman integrated three distinct patterns within the station’s railings; layering separate, but intersecting decorate screens fabricated in textured black painted steel. Each segment seamlessly incorporates the vertical lines of the standard railings, allowing the artwork to be visually read as small sections of carpet, interspersed throughout planks of a ‘wooden floor’ across the platform.