Where are we, and where are we going?

Every meeting begins with a poem.

This is my home
this thin edge of 
barbwire.   –Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera

So here we are a bunch of Queer Brown artists, survivors, socialites, East-Coast transplants, sitting around a table talking Black Supremacy as usual, listening to B.Steady (as usual). This is where the idea is born. What if we could get B.Steady to perform at PRIDE?

She must have been on all our minds when we came up with the name, but it sure isn’t just an empty copy-cat. B Stands not only for Brown, but also for BE – for a place where we can just BE our own selves, our whole selves, our radical brown, queer/trans selves, without dancing through the ropes of inclusion that have kept us out of most other LGB(t) orgs in the Twin Cities. 

B.QullecTivE is a place for us to BE, collectively.

Far from home, and most of us not really knowing what “Home” meant, we formed our own family. Family is about love, trust, and support. It’s picking each other up when we’re down. Teaching and learning from each other. Sharing groceries and physical space. Common memories, histories, experiences. Family is loving each other even when we disagree, even when the cards are down, even -and especially- when we’re all we have left. This is what we are looking for in B.QullecTivE.

Creative spaces where we can speak our truths, and not be criticized for our experiences; Social gatherings to unify our communities; Political organization through which to fight our oppression; Economic resources to feed, house and employ our people; and Education – the root of all freedom – for the people, by the people.

Every meeting ends with a poem.

I knew life
Began where I stood in the dark
Looking out into the light.   –Yusef Komunyakaa, “Sunday Afternoons”

Insert Title of Introductory Post Here (That's it, that's the title)

Totally going to be completely transparent in saying that I have NO IDEA how to open up this blog, but I'm caffeinated and excited about life this morning. So let’s go!

My name is Jai, ¼ of the B.QullecTivE; which at the heart is simply a group of friends who are effected by the disparities and injustices in the queer community as Q/TPoC living in Minnesota.

What I hope for in this budding organization is the cultivation of safe spaces, statewide, where actions are created and facilitated by those directly affected via education and discussion with the focus on People of Color. That’s the catalyst. I’m going to continue being completely transparent in saying that the issue with already established organizations targeted toward the LGB (and very rarely the T, unless we’re discussing white trans men and white gender-variance and the so-called subversion of masculinity in white queer spaces, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms for Q/TPoC to unpack. As to say: White supremacy, misogyny, transmisogyny, and femmephobia are very much afoot and detrimental to our survival) communities in what I’ve experienced of Minnesota (which is mostly Minneapolis and St. Paul) is white-centricism. As in white organizers, white facilitators, and sometimes we discuss racism. Then, and only then, do we invite youth of color to assure the public of our *~diversity~*. That is tokenization, that is racism. Queer and Trans* youth of color are going right back to the streets after their stint as someone’s poster child. Trans women of color are only being discussed in memoriam, ignoring struggle, survival, histories. This needs to change. Immediately.

                              Our Core Beliefs:

We believe every queer and trans* person of color has the right to safe spaces;

We believe every queer and trans* person of color deserves access to life resources such as housing, employment, education, transportation, healthcare, and creative spaces.

We believe that our struggles are interdependent upon each other. None of our needs can be met without an intersectional approach to supporting our racial, sexual and gender identities;

We believe that empowerment will come through communal organization.

And now I invite the rest of my cohorts to participate in this ongoing introduction. I’m going to get some more coffee. Salutations. 

yay!! cause ideas are a flowin

someone was just talking about a meetup on the fb page, maybe we can flow that idea on over to the tumblr. maybe we could revive the fb page at the same time- cause i think there’s a lot of folks following the fb that are on tumblr already.

also clara would be an excellent person to work on this too. Not just cause, you know, of my biased opinion but 1)cause she’s an aaaaammaazing/eloquent/intensely creative writer/speaker and thinks so out of the box it never existed in the first place.