Why Traditional Media in Canada is Unreliable

Have You Ever Heard of Postmedia? Paul Godfrey?

If you don’t, well then buckle up and listen closely to a somewhat biased explanation of traditional media in Canada.

What is Traditional Media?

Simply put, traditional media is comprised of news networks, newspapers, mail, ads, and radio stations to a lesser degree. 

This is the news media of the Baby Boomer and earlier generations.

What the Hell is Postmedia?

The Postmedia Network Corporation is a corporation which owned many of Canada’s English newspapers before their . Recently they bought out Sun Media for $316 million which included 175 newspapers and digital publications, another media organisation. Sun Media was once owned by Quebecor Media, which owns the majority of French media in Canada.

Therefore, Postmedia owns almost exclusively every newspaper in English Canada. 

Paul Godfrey

As the CEO of Postmedia Network Corporation, Godfrey is a very influential man in Canadian life, though most people cannot name him or recognise who he is when he identified. 

Godfrey entered Canadian politics in 1964 as an alderman for New York until 1973. During the same year, he was appointed the Chairman of Metropolitan Toronto until 1984.

Godfrey entered provincial politics in 1985 when he joined Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Frank Miller’s “kitchen cabinet,” a group of influential businessmen in Ontario whom advised Premier Miller on issues of the day.

Following his time in the kitchen cabinet, he joined the Toronto Sun as Publisher and CEO in 1984. In 1991 he took over as Chief Operation Officer and President. In 1998 the almost $1 billion dollar takeover deal by Quebecor Media for the Toronto Sun occurred. Feeling uncomfortable in Quebecor, Godfrey resigned.

Later he joined the board of directors of CanWest Global Communications Corporation, which later sold their newspapers to Postmedia. Qubecor then sold its Sun Media assets to Postmedia, and in 2010 Godfrey became CEO.

So, who Cares?


These monopoly building transactions occurred by the discretion of the Competition Bureau, who are charged with ensuring monopolies do form. It is clear there has been a misjudgement during the Conservative years in Canada.

In Short, When You Read a Newspaper in Canada, Take it With a Large Grain of Salt