what ur main says about u
  • DRK: Edgelord Supreme. Probably drinks a lot of Mountain Dew.
  • WAR: Thinks they're the best and has an Aesthetic™ to uphold.
  • PLD: Is so tired. So very tired. Just wants to help. OR is a huge fucking asshole. No inbetweens.
  • NIN: giant weeaboo nerd that also likes to occasionally help out friends.
  • SMN: Either really loves Carbuncles or really love pets.
  • BLM: classic final fantasy fan. has a deep connection to the class. probably gets caught by AOEs a lot.
  • DRG: mechanics are for cars and you swear by that.
  • BRD: you either live to support the party or live to riddle things with arrows.
  • WHM: live off your tears and have salt in their veins
  • AST: believes everything those zodiac sign posts say
  • SCH: wishes people would take them seriously, or they just wanna be a DPS and make their co-healer suffer
More information from Korean Live Letter
  • Skills that don’t see much use are being removed. The number of skills at 70 will be the same as we have now.
  • PLD’s Rampart and DRK’s Shadowskin are becoming the same skill (no mention of WAR’s Foresight, but I can only imagine it will be as well), and will be a cross-role skill for tanks.
  • Thunder II and III are being removed, and Thunder’s potency will become stronger with levels
  • Enochian will become a permanent buff, meaning you will always be able to use Fire IV unless they change more aspects of the job. However there will be ways for high-skilled BLMs to further increase their DPS by using certain skills in certain ways. No further details are revealed. 
  • Skills that debuff the enemy are not going away, but will be adjusted for sure. (Yoshi-P specifically mentions PLD’s Rage of Halone and MNK’s Dragon Kick.) More information on what they plan to do with these skills will be shown in a future Live Letter so please look forward to itTM.
  • Concerning raid compositions, he feels that after the AST buffs, any combination of healers is currently viable, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing changes in 4.0. For tanks, they plan to do something (no specifics) about WAR OT.
  • In 4.0, the Adventurer in Need bonus for Roulettes will be increased to encourage players to play tanks/healers.
  • In 4.1 (tentative) we will be able to create cross-world 24 man parties.
  • There are no current plans to introduce a Duty Roulette: Alliance Raid. He says they are being run a lot because of Wondrous Tails.
  • Apparently it’s very difficult to increase the number of available chat tabs, but they are working on a large-scale improvement of the chat system with many more features, such as cross-server chat.
  • They are aware of requests for options to add things such as tattoos and body hair for your character, and that if they were to implement them, it would be more realistic system-wise to make them equippable items, rather than options at Character Creation.

Once more, credit to Reddit user x3_Starlight for this translated info.


i do not want to have you
to fill the empty parts of me
i want to be full on my own
i want to fill so complete
i could light a whole city
and then
i want to have you
cause the two of us combined
could set it on fire

ig: mnk.b


.:[S]mug [S]elli:.


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I played with the /sneer expression earlier and this meme-like non-sense was born. XD I’m having a bit of a hard time with the last 6, but they should be up tomorrow.

Also, I’d like to make a quick disclaimer that these are a joke. :x Please do not take them seriously or as me calling anyone out. Thanks!

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new anon here, idc if people aren't as geared as me, as someone w/ a 270 monk i'm gonna give a 240 tank a bad time, but it just puts the pressure on them and as long as they stay in tank stance and stick with their aggro combo, it's not a big deal, that monk shouldn't have thrown a strop over it since they oughta know they have no aggro mitigation, sounds like they just wanted to feel like they're better than someone, please don't think all raiders are assholes like that lol, wear w/e you want

I notice a lot of high ilvl DPS often forget that pressure is put on their tank if they aren’t as geared as them (or in worse case, might not be functioning on a well enough internet). Like, it’s going to happen. Better to ask what the tank may need help with (if it’s combos or w/e) rather than go nuts up on the situation and point fingers because now you’re tanking.

– Mod Mhi

Another picture of my Monk between commissions, this is also going to be the first speedpaint video I’ll be uploading to my new Youtube channel next week! Sometimes I think I draw this character too much, but I love her design ;_; also can someone come up with titles for me pls I suck so bad

This took 8 hours to create and was done in Photoshop, I wanted to make it 4 hours… but… I got carried away, lol.

Fanfest 2016 Las Vegas Keynote
  • Keynote starts with CG trailer. Mountains, statues, pretty. We see a hyur woman in red performing martial arts with a very flowing, DANCElike style, A Hyur man (WoL maybe?) appears and starts showing more MNK-like moves. They spar, then it cuts to the expansion title: STORMBLOOD, early Summer 2017.
  • Yoshida comes out and says hi. Koji is here translating.
  • A longer version of the trailer is confirmed to be in the works.
  • Development is already pretty far in. The story over the next patches will be designed to move us seemlessly into the expansion.
  • Ala Mhigo confirmed!
    • t’s been 20 years since the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo. A whole new generation has been born and grown to adulthood since then.
    • Main antagonists the Garlean Empire. XIIth legion Legatus Zenos yae Galvus is the de facto leader of Ala Mhigo. He is supposed to have motives and personality different from previous FFXIV villains.
    • The WoL will be working with the local resistance. NPC companions will play a big part in the story like HW. Woman from trailer is one who will be elaborated on in upcoming content. (PLEASE BE YDA).
      • Dude from trailer confirmed to be WoL as MNK.
    • New hamlet, Rhalgr’s Reach, seen in trailer, is HQ of the resistance. 4.0′s story starts here. The big statue is of Rhalgr.
  • New jobs…
    • RDM confirmed by Yoshida’s Scarlet Witch T-shirt!
  • Level cap 70.
    • New AF, concept art of WHM, DRK and BLM shown.
    • Many new actions, but a revamped battle system to cope with that.
      • Overhaul to additional skill system. Instead of specific cross-class allotments, they could be grouped into role-based pools.
      • Actions that don’t see much use will be adjusted or removed.
  • Multiple sprawling new areas, no fewer nor smaller than HW. Stormblood is intended to have content to rival a full standalone game.
  • New primals, of course. Both nostalgic FF summons and ones new to the series.
  • New dungeons, high end raids, alliance raids.
    • High end raid difficulty is something they’re putting a lot of thought into.
    • Both raid tracks will be “very very Final Fantasy”.
  • The Forbidden Land Eureka - A new type of exploration content.
    • May include NMs on long timers.
    • Might also be involved in new relic weapons.
  • New items and gear, natch.
    • Working very hard on the server upgrades and coding to make this happen.
  • The fourth residential area… but they’re not yet saying where because it’s connected to main story developments.
  • Not a lot of content ready to show off, but they do show flythroughs of new areas.
    • Rhalgr’s Reach looks good!
    • A bridge, a battleground with a spire bearing a Garlean banner, a very damp loooking forest, and a gorge are shown off. Also looking good.
    • The lighting has been modified again to suit the new area like the HW areas were.
    • Looks like we’ll be entering the expansion through the Garlean wall in East Shroud.
    • All 4.0 areas will be accessible by flying mounts. Aether currents will be returning to unlock each area.
  • That’s all they have to say about Stormblood’s content today, because the Japanese and European community teams will kill Yoshida if he gives into temptation and spills all the beans now.
  • Windows minimum specs will be increasing for Stormblood.
  • PS3 support will be ending the minute the Stormblood patch goes live. The number of PS3 players who’ve upgraded to PS4 makes them feel now is the time. They’re also doing a PS3 to PS4 version free upgrade campaign for those who haven’t yet moved on. They’re thinking of adding an automatic upgrade for those who haven’t been playing a while and come back for Stormblood.
  • Official Amano art shown off!
  • “Please look forward to it!”
  • Exit Yoshida. Enter battle content director Masaki Nakagawa… and the stream gets borked for me for a couple of minutes.
  • Oh hey, it’s Soken! “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!”
  • And Fanfest is officially opened with an awkward group ranger pose.