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DOLLS FOR SALE - Master Post

LittleFee Pipi/Soom Ai Hybrid: $700
Soom Teenie Gem FC Bronze Alk: $600
Soom Teenie Gem Lucky: $550
Soom Teenie Gem Unicenta Pyrol: $350

Prices do not include shipping. I will consider layaways for up to 30 days. Please send me an e-mail at nonesuchgardenATgmailDOTcom to request more info!


Riyan by Tina
Via Flickr:
Riyan had changed after the death of his little brother, James. He became reckless and did things on a whim. When he met Zephii, he became obsessed with her and turned her into a vampire like himself, in order to bound her forever. But can you really bound a heart that has already been given away?