Most of you probably don’t stan any bands. MAMA is coming up and Day6, a band from JYP, has told us that winning Best Band at MAMA this year is basically their only goal. So if you do not know who to vote for in the Best Band category, Day6 is most likely to be nominated, so instead of “wasting” a vote, please help us out!

P.S. If you wanna help out even more, I basically tweeted the same thing, if you could RT so we could get more votes that would be great.

As MAMA is coming closer, I want to remind all fandoms not to fight each other. All of the nominees are great and deserve to be nominated and win. Hating and dissing each other’s favourites and each other will get us no where and will only make the members feel bad. Most of the groups’ members are friends with each other and support and respect each other. Let’s do the same and respect and live in peace with each other. Happy voting!

2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Best Hiphop & Urban Music Nominee:
1) Heize - ‘Don’t Know You’
2) Zico - ‘Artist’
3) Woo Won Jae - ‘We Are’
4) Mad Clown - ‘Lost Without You’
5) Dean - ‘Come Over’

Who has your vote? 👀