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- Infinite, the past 5 years' reality -

Infinite, into their 5th year since debut, has first showed their face on the 2010 Mnet reality show <You Are My Oppa>. Being a small entertainment company, Woollim Entertainment’s Infinite didn’t get the spotlight for about a year after their debut. However <You Are My Oppa> was a show that gave them identity and a fanbase through them showing the playful neighborhood brother type of image instead of the chic adonis images. Soon after, Infinite had a good response to their shows ’Sesame Player’ and ’Ranking King’ on Mnet’s <Wide News>. This channel being a channel of interest to the younger ages and other fandoms helped them get more fans and create a synergistic effect that boosted them up in popularity. Mnet’s <This Is Infinite> that started its broadcast on Feb. 6th, with no doubt had Infinite’s own unique styled reality program of where everyone was not too rough, on their own, and yet still showed their teamwork. <Ize> will summarize their history of reality programs, even including the show MBC every1’s <Weekly Idol>.

First Invasion: A Minor Start

Mnet <You Are My Oppa>


Before: An Idol group with an upcoming debut day in two months that no one knew about. (a.k.a 듣보 [meaning someone never seen or heard of]

Concept: “If you can be an older brother to one person, then you can be everyone’s older brother” was how Infinite fell to the temptation of the producer and their life story of how they stayed with their “younger sister” Yoo Jiae. 

What they gained: Character. To the members who played freely without being nervous in front of the camera, the producers gave nicknames such as ‘Kenya (Dongwoo)’, 'Choding (Sungyeol)’, 'Not ㄴ(L)’ which gained popularity among people. 

Something they lost: Mystery-like feeling. To be considered the image of an idol, they were shown with an image that lacked 2% and it was noticed. Especially the victims Woohyun and Hoya , who were shown having fun even with their sleepy eyes and messy hair. 

Best Scene: When they went to shoot their own version of 'She’s Back’. The only English they spoke was “Do you speak” and yet they had the ambition to go out and get foriegners to sing “Time will tell to my love” with the and they formatted the video to ones shown at the noraebang. 

Service: The shower scene when the whole group went to the bath house.

Dark History (History they want to keep forever hidden): Infinite went to get a sex-ed class taught by their at-that-time senior Epik High’s Mithra. In particular, Sungyeol and L asked questions such as “When was your first experience?”, “Hyung,….is it big…..?” etc, and a shocked Mithra replied with a “My dreams are big” trying to fix the mess.

After: June 10th, they debuted [officially on stage]….but.. the response was insignifficant.

Before The Dawn: The Day the Sun Rises

Mnet <Wide News - Infinite’s Sesame Player>

2011.06.22 ~ 2011.08.11

Before: In January, Infinite ambitously came back with 'BTD’ and the response wasn’t big. March, they came back with 'Nothing’s Over’ and yet again the response wasn’t big as hoped. However, they did earn an increase in the size of their fandom. 

Concept: With the start of their “Sungsandong Freedom” where they escaped their dorms from their managers, themselves promoting in the middle of the streets, to the day where they flat out tell secrets of each other. 

What they gained: Recognition. They weren’t afraid to ride the bus or the train, and what was an embarassing moment when a woman rejected their autograph offer is now just a memory. 

What they lost: Their privacy. Sungyeol had his own corner where he goes around the dorm looking into the members’ bags. In that, he told the truth of how Sungjong abused teddy bear and revealed Dongwoo’s favorite underwear.

Service: Hoya and Dongwoo, the two members left in the dorm, playing <We Got Married>.

Best Scene: When the members revealed that Woohyun only does aegyo in front of women and the camera. 

After: Infinite returned in July with the music video they filmed by taking out the CEO’s condo deposit, 'Be Mine’, two months later, they met their first win and they soon moved to a house with two bathrooms, an elevator, and even marble tiled floors and lived a better lifestyle. 

Over The Top: The Trend’s Counterattack

MBC every1 <Weekly Idol>

2011.08.13 (first appearence) - since then, appeared in 9 more eps.

Before: “The song’s really good but strangely, isn’t popular” (Defcon) Idols

What they encountered: Testers for a new segment (ex - sticking tissue up their nose and sneezing). Jung Hyungdon’s forced counseling, forced to create a new item, creating a hole in the sponserred shirt after getting way too into the game. 

What they paid back: When the MCs guested as 'Hyungdon & Daejoon’ on the show, Hoya and Sungkyu both freely paid back what they recieved on the show. 

What they gained: The honor(?) of being called <Weekly Idol>’s family. 

Service: The game that was made as an excuse to test teamwork 'Moving paper with lips’ game. 

Black History: After falling for the temptation from Jung Hyung Don that the member with the cutest aegyo will get steak, L did the “hiyoong hiyoong” and almost had an out-of-body experience. 

After: They came out twice after their first win and recieved an award recognizing them as the “trends” and after that, they were treated better. 

Second Invasion: The Age of Comic 

Mnet <Wide News - Infinite’s Ranking King>

2012.05.23 ~ 2012.08.29

Before: After their first solo concert in Feb., they easily won first place in May with their “The Chaser”

Concept: “Favorable King”, “Fashion King”, “Brain King”, etc.. this show consisted of Infinite competing to be ranked in Infinite according to different ranking topics. This brought out not only their competitive side but also overly-enthusiastic side which was a benefit to all the tired fans everywhere. 

What they gained: Brand. Acting like it’s their first meeting, they quickly adjusted to the scenario and showed their teamwork was familar but also fun. They proved to people that this show was a show to be trusted. 

Largest Beneficiary: The member who was called the “Choksae” during the <You Are My Oppa> days and had overcome his sadness of always having his scenes cut out by coming back with what is called “Ho drip” that got explosive responses and stepped on top of Sungkyu’s spot. 

Best Scene: During the “Brain King” episode, after threatening Sungkyu with a water gun and promising him at the same time that his on-camera time will lengthen and getting Sungkyu to be his slave proved Woohyun as the training-specialist. 

Black History: During the “Courage King” episode, even seeing a staff wearing a ghost costume made Dongwoo jump with fear and almost cry. 

After: November, Sungkyu’s first solo album came out, Jan 2013, Dongwoo and Hoya worked as the unit Infinite-H, and further more done with confidence. 

New Challenge: Prelude to a Diss.

Mnet <This is Infinite>

2014.02.06 ~ 

Before: A popular group who finished their world tour. 

Concept: Coming close to their 5th year of debut, the group reflects upon their laziness and how “they sleep more and come up with more excuses” by going through healthy disses. Through that they find their true self….is B.S…. the true fun comes when Infinite disses each other! From the opening all the way to the end where they go to camp, they diss each other like it’s how they breathe!

First victim: Throug the sudden leader-change project, Sungkyu had to sweet-talk the younger members to the point where he wears away his tongue.

The ending beneficiary: The Dongwoo who asked the coordi if she needs any help after seeing her carry heavy things by herself. 

Best Line: (From Woohyun to Sungkyu) “Did you learn how to lead that way?”

Black History: The zombie acting that shocked everyone. It was too late to kneel on both knees and ask to cut the scene out. After his “When you have too much on your mind, eat a lemon candy” follows his new prohibited-video! 

credit trans: purpleboyhowonee

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