Wanna One reaction to their secret crush being able to dance well

Kang Daniel: Would probably be lowkey turned on but would try his best to not check you out all the time and try to hide his admiration with laughing

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Park Jihoon: I heard he’s a shy guy so he probably would nod and clap politely. He would try to react like how he would to other girls dancing. But later on he would just keep raving about you to his friends.

On the outside:

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On the inside:

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Lee Daehwi: Would just outright cheer and clap loudly. “YAS SLAY” He would groove with you. And when you’ve finished your routine he would probably throw his shoe at you (a habit dancers do after they’ve seen a good performance)

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Kim Jaehwan

: Admire you in awe like “wow i wish i could dance like that”. With his mouth open. Afterwards he would probably ask you to coach him 1 on 1.

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Ong Seongwoo: As the dance god he would probably go “aY aY aY” at the lit parts of the dance while clapping. And later on be like “Hi.. Do you maybe want to go out and dance sometime?”

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Park Woojin: Probably a lot of mouth covering to hide his awe. He would probably just highkey be staring at you the whole time and if his hyungs teased him he would just be like “No guys… what are you guys saying… I didn’t stare” /smiles to himself/

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Lai Guanlin: Would probably give that small smirk of his like “Yup thats her thats my secret crush yes doesn’t she dance well”. His eyes would be constantly glued on you and just look up at you in awe

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Yoon Jisung: (the king of reactions!) Would probably just loudly go “UwAh!” when you do something impressive and then shake his head while inhaling because he’s in disbelief how good you are. After you end and he makes eye contact with you he would give you a huge thumbs up.

Hwang Minhyun: He would probably nod and go “choa choa!” and admire your form. But he’ll be sure not to stare too long because he doesn’t want to make it too obvious. Although he would probably lowkey steal secret glances and clap the loudest for you.

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Bae Jinyoung: He would try his best to stare at you but if your eyes met while you were dancing he would instantly look at somebody else or on the floor. Even when you were finished with the dance he would probably still keep his head down and smile to himself because he’s embarrassed he was caught staring.

Ha Sungwoon: Would not so subtly make a lot of woots and cheers for you. His mouth would be wide open but after you were done he would just calm himself down immediately and act like nothing happened. But his ears (because hes lowkey excited) would be red and his hyungs would point it out.

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Yeah guys I just did this because I was bored. Feel free to leave me any request on reactions or most likely to kinda stuff because its pretty fun. This is just my personal opinion on how I think they would react and its obviously not 100% true. Just for fun for the Wanna One fans to read hehe.

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Funny how we all stressed over Produce 101 for 11 weeks but when it’s over our friday night felt really empty.

Produce 101 is a real deal I swear you all need it in your life lol now that it’s over I feel a bit bitter

And whats up with the ‘special’ episode mnet? Give us the real 'special episode’


-mnet (honestly, THE WORST)
-international streaming
-underrated groups disbanding
-fan wars
-mnet editing
-companies not appreciating girl groups
-lack of support to idols dealing with mental illnesses and eating disorders
-mnet being FAKE™
-netizens acting problematic, like 80% of the time, tearing idols apart
-lack of privacy for idols