MAMA 2016

If you guys are like me and missed the MAMA 2016 Live Stream. (School, I have better things to do). By now you guys have probably have seen it but I’m posting it anyways for you guys to find easier! The show is 3 hours long and Mnet posted them in parts, there are no subs but personality I don’t care if there are subs or not.

MAMA 2016 [EP ONE]

MAMA 2016 [EP TWO]




🐰🐺They’re bored

Mnet sorta used GOT7, didn’t they?

We know GOT7 is basically an international group because they aren’t so popular in Korea, so their fan base is international, right?

Mnet needs people to watch the MAMAs outside of the Asian countries to make it more popular and a big deal, right?

How do they assure international views? By offering international fans something to expect, a motivation to make fans watch it. What was the motivation they gave us? Jackson.

Jackson comes out in a video two days before the show saying something really important he’s going to do and basically saying he’s going to do it alone. How will we see what he’s going to do? He says “stay tuned for friday.” And that’s what we (most of us) did. We basically woke up at crazy hours of the day to watch the stream so we could see the big surprise which ended up being not such a big surprise.

They basically used Jackson to motivate us into watching the MAMA’s.

Which you might think is silly but based on how marketing and promotion works, it’s a perfect recipe to assure views on international levels.

I kinda feel offended on Jackson’s and all GOT7’s part. They deserve more than this, they deserve more than being used as a marketing trick to get Mnet views.

This might or might not be true, it’s just my opinion.

Psh. After seeing and hearing what Lay said. It did spark a fan war. Some EXO-L’s became salty because of the results. Starts dissing other KPop group and just starts bragging and being an arrogant shit they are. Acts like EXO is the only one who gives their full effort into their profession and career. I think what Lay said is okay, but yes it is a bit too cocky and sounded like all other KPop groups doesn’t do their best.