Really. ..really love Hyo final stages. …..she is so good 👍👍👍👍💓

Hit The Stage [무대포커스]효연 X Khan&Korean Lockers 160928 EP.10


160929 mpd fancam: infinite’s full encore stage

I love how BTS subtly throw shade at everyone who does them wrong.
When their performance on the MBC gayo was recorded like shit, they released a video with the proper way of filming it.
When they are not nominated for Best Dance for the MAMAS, they go to the MMAs with the most awesome choreo ever.
Bless them.


This whole situation is humiliating for both EXO and BigBang. It’s humiliating for BB cause it looks like Mnet has to play dirty to make them win, as if they aren’t good enough to win in a fair fight. And it’s humiliating for EXO cause it shows all of us that no matter how much we support our idols, it doesn’t matter, cause it can be taken away from us.