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Idols which will take a part in Produce 101 Season 2

I’m not 101% sure but it’s the part of idols which I heard about and they will be participants of Produce 101 Season 2. If I’m wrong with any contestants or I didn’t mention any of them just comment/write to me^^ No hesitation 😘 I will try to update this list as often as I can (o^^o)




☆Kid Monster (KQ Sound)
☆Oscar Kim Timoteo (KQ Sound, Former SM trainee)
☆SungWoon (KQ Sound)

☆Punch aka Samuel ( Brave Ent. and also was one of the pre-debut members of Seventeen)

Others but not less important:
☆Jung Jinyung (former YG trainee, KQ trainee, Mix And Match)
☆Seok Daehwan (KQ Produce)
☆Shin Dongjin (former Pledis Ent. trainee that was part of group “Seventeen” during their pre-debut days)
☆Yao Ming Ming (FNC Ent., set up debut with upcoming group ACEMAX-Black, pre-debut member of Seventeen)
☆Jang Moonbok (O&O solo artist debuted with song “Hip Hop President” in 2016)
☆Kim Yeonghoon
☆Park Yongjoo (SM trainee from Super Idol)
☆Roh Jihoon (Cube Ent.’s solo artist, Birth Of The Great Star contestant)
☆Lee Daeyeol (Woollim Ent. trainee, Sungyeol’s [Infinite] brother)

☆Kim Taedong ☆Lee Insoo

The East Light:
☆Lee Woojin

☆Im Joonhyuk

☆Kim YoungJin

This is really strange. So a couple of people on my dash were talking about Mnet deleting EXO mcountdown performances from 2016. So I decided that I was going to check, and well I found The One and Hey Mama performances, but I couldn’t find Monster, Lucky One or Lotto. I found this really odd, so i checked both Mnet Korea and Mnet Kpop, but I couldn’t find them. I did however found the videos on Mnet Japan though. So I went and checked M2 and well the fancams are still there.

But listen, I’m an admin for an EXO-L page so luckily I still have all the links to all the deleted videos. And here’s the extremely fun thing about this all.

This video is supposed to be their comeback stage on mcountdown with Monster, but it’s on private. Same goes for their first stage of Lucky One.

And this is another mcountdown performance of Monster, but it says its removed due to copyright infringement.

Their other Monster performance videoes were set on private like the first one.

So over to their repackage.

So the copyright infringementmessage is back here.

And its back again here.

I don’t really know what’s going on, but I just find it STRANGE. How videos that have LOTS of views, suddenly are set on private, or got a strike for copyright infringement. It doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when the same videos are still up on Naver and Mnet Japan, and the fancam videos are still up on M2 .. I honestly don’t know what this means… But I’m scared what will happen on MNET asian music awards.