Military Ranking for the DiaLovers{Mukamis}

We have come to the Mukami Household ^^ However…since they are not ‘pure’/’natural’ vampires, I think that they wouldn’t be a part of the Officer Ranks and would rather be a part of the Enlisted Ranks. It’s just a theory >…< I could very well be wrong…>.<

Ruki, is obviously the eldest of the Mukami Household and so would obviously be given the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant Major otherwise known in Japanese as Socho(曹長). Sexiest damn Sergeant Major…<3

Moving on to cutie Kou <3. As he is younger than Ruki he would be given a rank lower therefore, he would be a Sergeant, known in Japanese as Gunso(軍曹). He would call his darling Mneko-chan(reader-chan) to his office quite often ;)

Darling Yuma, the second Tsun-Tsun of the series who is known for his big feet(if ya know what I mean ;3) and *SPOILER ALERT*

Was Shuu’s friend(Edgar) when they were younger. Since he is younger than Kou he would, in my opinion, be one rank lower so…he would be a Corporal otherwise known as a Gocho(伍長)…I think he’s hot.

And last of the Mukami siblings, Azusa-kun who is the youngest and so obviously would be lowest ranked as a Lance Corporal or a Heicho(兵長)

Kawaii <3

**I will be using these ranks when writing the Military AU smut/lemon oneshots so yea ^^