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How would the sakamaki & mukami react to having a tall s/o that's slightly curvy. Often being confused for a model in public?

hello there! thanks for the ask, now lets get started shall we?

Sakamaki & Mukami React to Tall/Model s/o:

You were out shopping with (Insert S/M Brother) when you noticed that you were being stared at by passerby. Although you were used to it, you were taken by surprise when an attractive stranger approached you and asked “Are you a model? Because you are very Beautiful!”.


Shu: Shu, although quiet, would be quite pissed if people were to stare excessively at his S/o in public. Especially if they were male, or exceedingly obvious about flirting with his S/o in front of him. After a while of quiet annoyance he would pull his S/o away from whomever was talking to them.

Reiji: When Reiji heard the comment the stranger made he was furious. (although he always looks pissed, anyway) “Ahem!” he cleared his throat which caught both his S/o’s and the strangers attention “S/o, We are leaving now” and before his S/o could complain they would be dragged away.

Ayato: Ayato began to laugh when he heard what the stranger had said to his S/o. “Chichinashi a model? Don’t be ridiculous!” the comment caught the stranger by surprise, and out of embarrassment they began to back away, but before they could do so Ayato said “My Chichinashi’s beauty cannot be captured by any camera” and with that he turned grabbing S/o’s arm and walked away “Ayat-” his S/o began, “shush” he said. That was that

Kanato: Needless to say, the entire interaction did not end well. “EXCUSE ME!?!” Kanato screeched when he heard the strangers compliment “WHO said that you could talk to my S/o, Mule?!” the stranger began to back away “Kanato” his S/o said in a hushed voice as a blush spread across their face. “NO ONe TaLKs TO mY DoLL LiKE ThAt BUt ME!!!” Kanato screamed even louder, which caused an entire crowd to gather “im sorry” the stranger muttered as they tried to make their escape. “Kanato please, i only have eyes for you, their words mean nothing to me, i love you and you only” his S/o said calmly. Kanato turned sharply toward his S/o, “You Better” he snarled as he grabbed S/o and pushed through the crowd.

Laito: Laito giggled maniacally at the strangers compliment “Oh Bitch-Chan is a model alright” he said as a blushed spread across his face. “Laito?” his S/o said in confusion. ‘But don’t you know?” he said to the stranger “Bitch-Chan here is a famous porn star!” and with that the stranger began to back away, embarrassed. “LAitO!!!” his S/o yelped. “Ne, Bitch-Chan there is no point in lying to this stranger about how lewd you are!”. “B-But Im not” his S/o began to stutter “Welp stranger we must be off, Bitch-Chan has another porn video to make” and with that Laito grabbed his S/o’s arm and walked away,  leaving the stranger confused and flustered.

Subaru: Subaru lost his temper, as per the usual. When the stranger had the audacity to compliment his S/o in front of him, he snapped. “Who are you?” Subaru snarled at the stranger causing them to step back slightly “uhh” they spoke, barely above a whisper. “Tch, You must be stupid” he said losing his temper even further “Subaru” his S/o said hugging him to regain his attention “Lets go”. Grabbing Subaru’s hand his S/o turned away, not giving the stranger a second thought.


Ruki: Ruki glared at the stranger without saying a single word, causing them to  jump slightly and back away from Ruki’s deadly glare. “Uhh, I have to go” the stranger said, turning abruptly and running away. “hmm I wonder what that was all about” his S/o said as they turned to face him pressing themselves against his chest. Ruki wrapped his arms around this S/o’s waist “That is none of your concern Livestock”. and with that, the conversation was over

Kou: Kou grabbed his S/o the second the stranger approached them. “Aw my Mneko-Chan has an admirer! how cute!” Kou cooed smiling at the stranger. “I don’t think they meant it like that Kou” his S/o began when he suddenly locked lips with his lover, taking both his S/o and the stranger by surprise. “Mneko-Chan is taken” Kou snarled suddenly dropping his smile. The stranger backed away and apologized for bothering them both, causing his S/o a little annoyance. “Kou, it’s not nice to mess with people like that” his S/o said, but without even acknowledging the last comment, Kou grabbed his S/o arm and walked away.

Yuma: Yuma towered over the stranger, growling at their presence. “Who is this Sow?” he asked his S/o. “I don’t know” they said in confusion, “Ive never met this stranger before”. “Well then” Yuma said turning to the stranger “Sow doesn’t know you. Leave. Now” and with that the stranger ran away. “That was a little harsh Yuma” his S/o chided “Whatever sow” Yuma grumbled as he scooped his S/o up and walked away.

Azusa: Poor Azusa was too shy to say anything as he watched both his S/o and the stranger chatting up a storm. As the conversation continued he grew more and more depressed. Tugging on his S/o’s sleeve he asked “ not …love.. me?” which took the stranger by surprise, for they had not noticed Azusa’s presence. “Of course I love you Azusa” his S/o answered without hesitation “Then… why wont… you… talk to …me?”. His S/o paused at this question and smiled before answering “I’m sorry for neglecting you, but you know that my heart belongs to you and you only. I love you ” “You… Do?” Azusa asked “With all my heart” his S/o responded. “Lets… leave.. please” Azusa said and with that the couple walked away without even saying goodbye to the stranger.