19 неща, които научих за 19 години

1. Ти си най-важния човек в живота си и не трябва никога да го забравяш.
2. Всичко, което правиш има последствия
3. Всичко започва с теб
4. Направи себе си приоритет
5. Хората са временни
6. Прави всичко на време и живота ти ще бъде много по-лек
7. Музиката винаги помага
8. Кучетата също
9. Всичко ще бъде наред накрая
10. Няма нищо лошо в това да позволиш на някого да ти помогне
11. Хората винаги си тръгват
12. Нищо не е завинаги
13. От сега нататък ще става само по-добре
14. Опитай се да се научиш да обичаш себе си по-бързо
15. Можеш да го направиш
16. Вярвай в себе си
17. Няма никакво значение колко шоколад си изял, стига да се чувстваш добре
18. Кафето е добро за душата
19. Винаги бъди мил с хората. Не знаеш кой през какво минава!

Last Week in Fanfiction

List #19. These fics were written or updated between 10/8-10/14. If I missed something let me know and I’ll gladly add it. I know we had to say goodbye to Captain Swan, but hopefully they’ll live on in all the wonderful stories and artwork that this fandom creates so give your writers and artists some love with a like, reblog and/or comment! Happy reading! ❤️


Sink or Swim  ch.7  by @pat-ella  ch.8  by @lenfaz

The Rose and Thorn  ch.23  ch.24  by @qqueenofhades

Wild at Heart  ch.7  by @hookedonapirate

Untie My Silhouette  ch.5  by @mycaptainswanjones

Through the Hat  ch.13  by @ashar663

Alone, Until I Get Home  ch.15  by @peglegsjones

The Promise  ch.10  by @flslp87

As You Wish  ch.4  by @optomisticgirl

Wednesday’s Child  ch.15  by @dani-ellie03

Strange Places  ch.11  by @artandteaandstuff

The Reason  ch.17  by @xemmaloveskillianx

The Wish You Make  ch.17  by @tellmesomething-love

The Right Place  ch.12  by @jarienn972

Unbroken  ch.13  by @totheendoftheworldortime

Time Upon Once  ch.15  by @lenfaz

I Only Want to Be With You  ch.4  by @asthewheelwills (complete!)


I Thee Wed  ch.14  ch.15  by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived  ch.7  by @thegladelf

    —Art  by @jemmingart

Part of the Narrative  ch.7  by @emmaswanchoosesyou

Family Ties  ch.7  by @a-winterprince

Echoing Souls  ch.7  by @like-waves-on-the-beach

    —Image set  by @swanemma

Tripping Over the Blue Line  ch.21  ch.22  ch.23  by @welllpthisishappening

    —Manip  by @beautiful-swan

This Graceful Path  ch.14  ch.15  by @unfolded73

A Wing and a Prayer  ch.15  ch.16  by @xhookswenchx

Drowning is too Late to Learn  ch.15  ch.16  by @accio-ambition

Not in the Game Plan  ch.15  ch.16  by @onthecyberseas

    —Art  by @cocohook38

Waiting For the Moonrise  ch.8  by @lifeinahole27

    —Art  Art  by @clockadile

The Long Way Home  ch.8  by @pocket-anon

    —Art  by @giraffes-ride-swordfishes

Nuuk  ch.14  ch.15   by @wellhellotragic

To Everything a Season  ch.8  by @icecubelotr44

    —Image set  by @optomisticgirl

If the Stars Align  ch.8  by @swanslieutenant

    —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

    —Art  by @hook-and-star-ink

Model Behavior  ch.5  by @shippingtheswann

    —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

When the Tide Turns  ch.8  by @trueloveseyeroll

Heathens  ch.8  by @mahstatins

Assassin’s Creed: Misthaven  ch.8  by @delightfully-difficult-pirate

    —Art  by @cocohook38

One Shots

Not Your Love  by @sotheylived

Handy Helpers  by @the-captains-ayebrows

You Belong Among the Wildflowers  by @spartanguard

Charlotte  part 2  by @gusenitsaa

Fall  by @artistic-writer

The Way Home  by @thesschesthair

Untitled  by @hencethebravery 

Honestly?  by @artandteaandstuff

Trust Your Heart  by @captainswanluver

An Ordinary Day, An Extraordinary Night  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose 

The Money Problem  by @distant-rose  (LP series)

Arrest Me, Officer  by @hookedonapirate