I’m super proud of myself.

I woke up nice and late (8am, thank you Simply Sleep) and had decided I would go to the 10:15am kickboxing class. I came out to lounge on the couch with Jason for a bit. He wants to go to the Irish festival today in Saint Paul so I was asking if getting back at 11:30 would be too late for what he wants to see. He wasn’t really concerned either way but, in my head, I started to justify just skipping class.

I literally jumped off the couch and raced to get ready and out the door for the 9am class today. It was a KILLER class but soooo good!

In diet news, after hearing about my co-worker’s friend that I posted about, I was inspired to start eating more Whole Foods. I wouldn’t say I’m Whole30, but I’m certainly making a conscious effort to eat better and make more nutritious choices. It didn’t take long for me to remember why I stopped Weight Watchers the first time - because I spend so much time on that program trying to squeeze junk food into my day. Perhaps needless to say, I won’t be continuing the program.

Today is “Day 6” (I won’t count forever) and I feel pretty fantastic. I haven’t deprived myself, have felt satisfied, and I even had a sliver of pizza last night and a glass of wine. I’m super excited to have gotten out of the habit of eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day - I’m totally satisfied from meal to meal! Of course, I’ll for sure be enjoying the State Fair soon but for now I’m really enjoying my real food choices!

So that’s what I got!

2 weeks until my brother and his family fly out to visit (for the State Fair and to see MN for the first time!) and 3 weeks until my sister and her husband fly out! 😍😍😍

It’s september 1st and summer is ending (though it won’t be over officially ‘till the mn state fair ends imo) and this picture has been in my head too long but clearly it wasn’t a super tiny endeavor so I put it off till now, whoops!

the toons really brought life to the grzeskiewicz home, enough to clean up their backyard even, or at least this slice of it. like I’ve mentioned, the toons in the lampblack verse are actual living beings, and they’re built to live in this world as good as anything with a pulse. they’re fine in water. more than fine!

i hope the majority of you guys know what chicken is, or what they’re doing in the pool might be kinda confusing. anyway, bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge, betty and pearl belong to @131-di!