The Samwell Gang goes to the State Fair!

Obviously they all go to visit Johnson in MN because the MN State Fair is the best state fair in the country. Johnson is so, so excited to show them around, because Minnesotans are fucking nuts about the state fair. As exemplified by this post. 

First stop is Sweet Martha’s. Sweet Martha’s is a state fair staple - they sell chocolate chip cookies by the gallon-sized bucket, and next door you can buy UNLIMITED MILK for $1.50 (you have to drink it at the milk stand though, you can’t walk away and then come back hours later for more milk.)

  • Bitty thinks the Sweet Martha’s cookies are pretty basic. “They’re just relying on fat and sugar, there’s no complexity!” “So????” - Holster, as crumbs fall out of his mouth. But Bitty does admit that you’ve gotta give the Sweet Martha’s team props; they’re churning out hundreds of thousands of cookies on the daily, and the inside of that barn is not air-conditioned and full of sweaty teens and hot ovens. 
  • Rans, Holster, Chowder, and Nursey all get into a contest to see who can drink the most milk. Johnson, Bitty, and Jack warn them all that there’s way more food to come and they shouldn’t just fill up on milk, but “Bro, it’s UNLIMITED. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.” (Shitty and Lardo are secure enough in their bro-li-ness to forego this particular challenge. Also they believe Johnson about the wonders to come.) Chowder taps out at 3 glasses, lil sweet bb. He tried. Nursey makes it through 4 but then he’s also out. Rans & Holster are making their way through their fifth glasses and Holster almost makes it but he can’t manage the last half of the glass. Rans finishes his & Holster’s as a victory lap.
  • Later they all realize that Dex actually drank 6 glasses, even though he wasn’t officially competing. Nursey is very un-chill about this.

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The Minnesota State Fair’s political booths were in full swing Wednesday, with the November election just over two months away and the governor’s race, a U.S. Senate seat, all eight congressional seats and the entire state House all up for grabs.

It makes the State Fair a must-do event for campaigners looking for face time. 

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