Part One

Okay, so this is the bit where I explain everything about how I made my costume and what it is..

My costume planning started as soon as I got my tickets as I’m sure many people’s do! But this will only be my third concert ever and I have never gone all out. In the past I have only made shirts and although those are fun I wanted to do something special. My cousin (who I am planning on going with if she can get the day job) and I exchanged ideas for a few hours until finally she came up with the idea of a long list of ex-lovers. And though that could be a cool idea I didn’t quite feel comfortable doing that and wanted something different. So eventually I decided to do a long list of Taylor lovers and gather a whole bunch of you guys to give me your names and I put them on my costume.. I received 102 names which is wonderific and worked out into equal numbers of 17..:D We had originally planned on making white skirts with red lettering but I was talking to mnmegg (Who has been a legit angel by helping me and answering questions and just being taymazing per usual..) and she thought it would be cool to make a black skirt with the alternating panels of solid-fabric and see-through fabric like my cousin and I had talked about before and use glow in the dark puff-paint to write out the names. So one Saturday night my mom bought me to JoAnn Fabrics and we bought fabric and puff-paint and thread and all of our other materials (which she kindly paid for so thank you.. also thank you to her for letting me take over her dining room table for four days and letting me make my mess..). Sunday morning I started by pattern making and then tracing and pinning and sewing and making the whole skirt took almost all Sunday! Then Sunday night I started writing out names in white charcoal and then tracing over them with puff-paint. It took 3 days for me to do all 3 panels on the skirt and to let them dry. I wasn’t originally planning on making a poster but sleep-deprived me thought I had 6 solid panels of fabric on the skirt and not three. And the puff paint didn’t like the see-through stuff so off supply buying I went.. But it was okay because I needed more lights anyway. Although glow in the dark puff-paint will glow, it is only for a little bit and doesn’t last very long and I wanted to be lit up! I bought poster board and lights yesterday and last night I finished puff-painting my skirt and then did what you see on my poster plus one line of names..


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Mindy Kaling on The Ellen Show 3/11/2015 (x)

At parties like these in the women’s bathrooms, they just keep really nice mascaras, and makeups, and hairsprays–little sample size ones–for free. But they’re all really rich celebrities so nobody takes them. So I saw them all, and I was, like, grabbing them like that. But a beautiful, very famous model whose name I won’t use, was touching up her makeup. So I was just waiting there, like, “When will this model leave so I can just fill my clutch with these free mascaras?”

Okay.. I’m actually crying (and blank-space-swiftie is laughing at me..).. All that has happened this summer has finally sunk in as I am here making my costume. Thanks to madi2100 I worked up the courage to ask my dad if he could buy me Taylor tickets and I could pay him back.. He agreed.. But he didn’t let me pay for them. Said it was a reward for being a good student and I cried then too, but I never really sunk in that I was seeing Taylor, I just was.. But here sitting making my costume writing the names of people who have affected my life in such a positive way I am overwhelmed with such love and excitement. I get to see Taylor. But honestly the best part that is making me so happy are the friends I have made on here who I know will always be there for me and encourage me and support me and love me for who I am.. There are so many of you guys and know that I am so so so thankful to have you and I love you all very much and you are absolutely WONDERIFIC and TAYMAZING and I couldn’t imagine my life without you at all. You make me smile and cry and laugh and I love it. You are always here for me and I would like you to know that it goes both ways. I am here whenever you need me. mnmegg madi2100 cats-and-wildest-dreams bakingcookieswithtaylor tayloralisonswiftsupporter swizzyizzy blank-space-swiftie and so many more of you.. I love you all. And you have made my experience on here so beautiful and are all so kind and thank you so much for that! I would also like to thank everyone who I might not talk to on a regular basis or talk to at all.. I love you too. And please talk to me! I love new friends so so so much so don’t be afraid! Thank you for following me and making my like wonderific! And to Taylor.. Thank you to providing us all with such beautiful music and soundtracks to our lives.. You give me something to look foreword to each day whether it be just hearing your music on my phone or the radio, going to a concert, or making costumes or watching an award show among so many other things. You make me so happy and because of you I have made all of these friends and I can never ever repay you for that! And thank you for taking your time to press the follow button.. You didn’t have to and I never expected it but it was such an added benefit to my already wonderful experience on here.. And I love you taylorswift. I will see you September 13th in Minnesota and I CANT WAIT! I already know it will be one of the best days of my life!❤️

I should be posting my costume and poster pics tomorrow!!!!:D


The abandoned Great Mine in Onu-Koro - this place always felt extremely eerie to me as a kid playing the MNOG, especially when it was absolutely deserted toward the end. There’s nobody in this vast, subterranean mineshaft but yourself, and nothing to keep you company except your lightstone and the vaguely ominous ambient music. But that was nothing compared to what lay even further below…

92 Truths

I was tagged by two wonderific peoples abc-oh and swizzyizzy

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Drink: Water
Phone call: My friend Katelyn
Last song you’ve listened to: Champagne Supernova by Oasis 
Last time I cried: I really can’t remember… Probably a couple weeks ago when I was watching a whole bunch of sentimental Harry Potter stuff on youtube..

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: no
Been cheated on: no
Kissed someone and regretted it: no
Lost someone special: yes
Been depressed: yes/no
Been drunk and thrown up: no

In the last year:
Made a new friend: Several!:D
Fallen out of love: yes
Laughed until you cried: yes
Met someone who changed you: So many of you lovelies on here!
Found out who your true friends are: yup..

Found out someone was talking behind your back: People think I’m weird so it happens all the time but I don’t give a shit

Kissed someone on your Facebook list: Don’t even have facebook lol

Three favorite colors: Powder blue, almost every shade of purple, pastel pink annnnd silver!:P Oh!, and Red!
%of people on your face book list that actually know you: Don’t have facebook
Any pets: Two labs at my dads (Nelli and Dakota) and I really want a cat but my mom’s scared so we are going to get a dog instead.
Do you want to change you name?: Nope.
What did you do for your last party: It was supposed to be Harry Potter themed but we ended up playing games instead:.P
what time did you wake up today: Probably around 10
what were you doing at 12 last night: watching YouTube
Something you can’t wait for: 1st tattoo, getting a cat, MY TAYLOR AND ED CONCERTS, school to be over even though it hasn’t started, until I can dye my hair, for another Harry Potter book (THERE WILL BE ONE… OKAY?!)
Last time you saw you mom: about 15 mins ago when she came and said goodnight
What are you listening to right now: I still have Champagne Supernova on lol.. It’s a good song! Look it up!
Have you ever talked to someone named Tom: Noooope
What’s on your nerves right now: ummmm… stupid people from school
Books type: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Drama/Romance/Action/Adventure/Fanfiction for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, NCIS, Percy Jackson/Maximum Ride/So Many Others../I Will Basically Read Anything As Long As It’s Not Boring And Why Am I Capitalizing The First Letter?
Relation ship status: single and I’m not dating in high school soooo.. Good luck to anyone who tries
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Pronouns: ummm.. I will probably mess this up:.D She/I ??? Is that right?!:P
Favorite TV show: NCIS, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Bones, SVU, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, All of the different House Hunters (especially the tiny house one!), Agents of Shield.. There’s more but I’m not gonna bother

Tattoos: none… yet!
Righty or Lefty: Right but I wanna train myself to be ambidextrous 
First surgery: My heartbeat went all the way around my heart and caused it to beat waaaayy too fast so they had to go in and block off half of my heart

1st piercing: I got my ears done but I discovered I am allergic to nickel in a not-so-nice way and they’ve grown back in now
First best friend(s): Katelyn, sharecrops fivesecondsofamanda And then we have my  tumblr besties cats-and-wildest-dreams madi2100 blank-space-swiftie mnmegg swizzyizzy And so many people I’d like to talk to and get to know better! Seriously! Talk to me people! ( bakingcookieswithtaylor thotjuly9th survivingrainstorms carouselofswift annnd mooorrree )
First sport you joined: GOLF!:D
First vacation: Can’t remember.. First one I do sorta remember was Disney when I was 6… I was so sick.
First pair of trainers: converse? Are those considered trainers?

Get married: I dunno.. If I find someone who I love and they love me back and we want to commit to eachother..
Want kids: we’ll see.. If I do it’s only gonna be 1 or 2
Dream career: ummm.. I have no idea. Something to do with music, art, book or TV/Movies.

Right now:
Eating: nope
Drinking: nothing
I’m about to: Brush my teeth and read some Harry Potter:P
I’m listing to: Champange Supernova.. Still… It’s on repeat

Which is better:
Lips or Eyes: Eyes
Shorter or taller: Umm I’m short so almost everyone’s taller than me. But height is just a number and it doesn’t matter to me.
older or younger: Don’t care.
Romantic or spontaneous: Definitely both
Nice stomach or arms: These don’t affent someones personality so I don’t care.

Loud or Quiet: Don’t care
Hook up or relationship: Relationship
Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Ummm.. Trouble maker I guess..

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: no
Drink hard liquor: nope
Broke someone’s heart: Am hoping not but possibly
Been arrested: My dad would kill me and my mom would dig me up and do it all over again so no

Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: no

Do you believe in:
Yourself: Most of the time
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Haven’t seen it yet but would like to
Santa: Wellll..
Karma: Not the word karma particularly but if you are doing mean and bad stuff eventually it is going to catch up with you are you are going to have to face the consequences.

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