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0cherryblossom7  asked:

Morning MN. I've mainly lurked d/t time at work. I'm bunkered down at home (Orlando) awaiting Irma while some of my family and friends are bracing for the hurricane at work (especially those in the hospitals). I'll go more into all I saw in your blog after the storm passes but I want to thank you for all your posts. May everyone impacted by hurricanes harvey, irma, katia, and josé stay safe as well as those affected by other natural disasters elsewhere in this world

Hello Blossom….

Please take care in Orlando! Please know all that are in Irma’s path are in my thoughts. Blessings of safety, health and hardy homes be upon you and all your loved ones.

As much as I love RK…they take a backseat in these times. But I can’t wait to hear from you once this storm passes and you can share all your thoughts with me and the greater RK fandom.

Take Care…

Babygate 2.0 & More

As I mentioned when last I made this post.  I’ve been attacked today even before I had my coffee and challenged to PROVE myself.  I think I’ve done that in spades.  Check out the rest and see if you agree.  

This serves as a sort of wrap-up on babygate2.0 since I discuss it much.  This maybe one of several posts on the subject or the only one.  Will purely depend on how things proceed.

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This weekend Sheila and I are visiting our friend Nicole and her family in Detroit Lakes, MN. This morning the ladies and I ran the 10k in Fargo, ND.

I finished 12/71 in my (new) age group.