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Gun Laws Only Protect Whites

I live in Minnesota.  Recently, two law-abiding, good-natured men, well liked in their communities, were shot dead by police officers because they were black and legally - legally- owned firearms.  This happens all over the US.  It needs to stop but nothing is working.  This is my father’s take on the matter:

“Both black people died because it came to the attention of the police that they were in possession of a firearm.  Neither threatened police, but the police FELT threatened, and in MINNESOTA (and most other states), the police can shoot to kill if they FEEL threatened.  When states pass concealed carry laws, IN EFFECT it means WHITE people may legally carry a gun with a permit. 

If you want to change things, you have to get the MN legislature to change the law such that “feeling threatened” is not the threshold for lethal force.  This is why these cases are seldom prosecuted and ALMOST NEVER won in court.”

Think about that.  If the law can’t be applied fairly to everyone, then it shouldn’t exist.  A gun in every house doesn’t make us safer.  It makes us more scared, more trigger-happy, more likely to kill the innocent in panic.

I’m going to write that letter.  I hope all my American followers will too.  Our country doesn’t need to be known worldwide as the place where you can get shot at any time and receive no justice, just by not being white.