mn fair


Fun Weekend

Last night we went to fundraiser dinner and were instructed to wear our ‘Summer Finery’. Apparently that doesn’t mean my newest race shirt. We left early because this morning we ran the MN State Fair Milk Run 5K.

Yesterday’s wet 17 miler left me sore at the starting line and I started too far back so my first mile was a little slow. The second and third mile were good enough to get me 9th place in my age group. Surprisingly, my time would also have been good enough for 9th in the 25 yr old age group.

After the race we wandered around the fair, ate some junk food, met a goat and even watched draft horses barrel race (spoiler alert, they’re slow).

Why have I been missing so much of the MN Fair?!

I grew up in a tiny town in Indiana. The Clark County 4-H fair was definitely different from the Minnesota State fair. There’s the obvious-the size, but mostly it’s the food. My mouth starts salivating just thinking of Sweet Martha’s cookies. I loved the tiny Clark County Fair. I loved making myself sick on the scrambler and seeing my friends show their cattle. I loved entering my stupid projects like my pencil collection (I’m not making this up), but there is so much more to the MN State Fair!

People look forward to the fair all year here, and this is my third year. I work the fair both Saturdays, and I honestly haven’t experienced the fair at all. I eat 3 or 4 things (fried pickles, turkey to go, sweet martha’s cookies and usually 1 other random item). I haven’t even seen a ¼ of this huge event. I work for 4 hours, and I hate sweating, so I get out of dodge the moment my shift is over, but I think I’m going to put in the extra time this Saturday. I need to see people’s faces carved into butter. I need to go shopping…hello! I didn’t realize there were merchants. I need to see the butterfly house; rumor has it butterflies have long curly tongues! Ick! I’m missing the world of hot sweaty people stuffing their faces and enjoying the tiny bit of warmth we get here in MN! These are my kind of people!

Here’s to seeing and doing more!