SUN JUL 24 - 4:00 PM

1006 Summit Avenue

Stand for Something Sunday

Come join us for an evening at the people’s mansion filled with dance, music, food, love, family, and art.
We will be hosting a spoken word/poetry jam and later in the evening we will hold a candlight vigil to honor Philando.
Please join us in solidarity so we can stand for something together.
Please bring candle sticks to hold.

Getting drenched and loving it. My @falkor.defense rifle finished by @blowndeadline the one true #cerakoteslayer. For this build, I selected a carbon fiber @proof_research barrel, @slrrifleworks Ti adjustable gas block, @arisakadefense M-LOK Fingerstop, @tacticallink Z360 GenII, @forwardcontrols LDFA, @battlearms BAD-ASS ST, @b5systems grip and SOPMOD stock, @magpul PRO BUIS with the upgraded @blitzkriegcomponents sight post, @bobro_engineering ACOG mount and a @trijicon ACOG.
Enjoying the rain: @brittandbruce
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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Red

Currently, Tumblr is spreading all kinds of rumors about YouTube’s new paid service, so let’s get the facts!

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red will offer those who pay $9.99 a month (possibly $12.99 for those with iOS) a variety of services, including:

  • No ads on any videos
  • An option to save videos for offline viewing on phones/tablets
  • Access to a Spotify-like music streaming service
  • Access to exclusive content (more on that later)

Does that mean I have to pay $9.99 a month if I want to keep watching YouTube?

No. YouTube Red will be an optional service, and if you don’t want to be a pay for it, you don’t have to! Everything you know and love about YouTube will still be there for you for free, ads and all.

Does this mean that content creators won’t get paid for videos viewed through YouTube Red because of the lack of ads?

No! Content creators will still receive payment for YouTube Red views, it will simply function somewhat differently. There’s no word yet on how this payment system will work, and even creators are still in the dark about it, but more information will be available soon. Under the current system (which has been in place for several years), YouTube keeps 45% of ad revenue and gives content creators 55%. This will continue to be true for ad revenue once YouTube Red launches, but the new ad-less system isn’t as simple as that. It will probably have something to do with views and possibly length of views, but people still don’t know how it works at all. Be free of judgement until that information is available. 

But won’t that force all paid content creators to pay $9.99 a month or else have their videos set to private? How is that fair to less popular content creators who can’t afford it?

YouTubers do not have to pay $9.99 a month, people are so confused about this and it’s making everyone hate YouTube Red for no reason. YouTube is not asking all content creators to subscribe to YouTube Red, it’s asking all content creators to approve a new contract that allows for their videos to be played without ads for those subscribed to the service, or else have their videos set to private. They don’t have to pay. They have to agree to receive part of their income through a new payment system.

Shouldn’t content creators get a choice in whether their videos are part of YouTube Red?

Giving creators a choice would be a very bad idea. In order for YouTube Red to be worthwhile, all videos must be ad-free for those with with the service, and therefore all creators must agree to the new terms. Again, they don’t have to pay $9.99 a month, they just have to agree to receive payment under a new system for content viewed without ads. This has essentially been made compulsory in order to maintain uniformity in the new service.

What if (insert favorite content creator here) doesn’t agree to be part of YouTube Red? Will all their videos be gone?

If your favorite content creator relies on YouTube for any significant percentage of their income, they will be on board with YouTube Red. They may not like the idea of paid memberships, but to refuse to make their videos available for paying members would be the equivalent of quitting their job, and few people are willing to take that jump.

What about the exclusive content? Will (insert favorite content creator here)’s videos become exclusive and no longer available for those without a subscription?

All the exclusive content being offered is new content, created with a larger budget and better production that makes them more of a hybrid between TV shows and regular YouTube channels. Think of it as YouTube’s equivalent of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards. These series (and possibly films) will feature popular creators such as Joey Graceffa, Lilly Singh, and Pewdiepie, but those creators’ independent content will continue to be available for regular YouTube users. Again, nothing you know and love will become exclusive, all exclusive content is original.

In short:

  • If you don’t want to pay for YouTube Red, don’t. You can continue using YouTube for free as normal.
  • Exclusive content is entirely original, nothing is becoming exclusive.
  • Content creators are being given no choice for good reason.
  • Content creators do not have to pay $9.99 a month.
  • Content creators are still getting paid for YouTube Red views, but under a new system.
  • Details on the YouTube Red payment system have yet to be revealed.
  • YouTube Red isn’t a big deal, it’s actually fairly uninteresting.
  • Stop being dramatic and running around making petitions, nobody is getting screwed over.


  • Content creators do not have to pay $9.99 a month.
  • Content creators are still getting paid for YouTube Red views, but under a new system.
  • Stop being dramatic and running around making petitions, nobody is getting screwed over.