Are you ready for 2015? You can now order your MMXV Calendar by Inés Estrada This calendar compiles her best drawings and comic strips from this year for you to enjoy throughout the next year. The calendar is languagless, marking each month by its roman numeral and marking days by the planet their associated with (weeks start on “moon day” or Monday). It also includes a sticker sheet to mark special dates or whatever you want!


Shop @ Cater’s to men and women. Shirts are $18-$20

& also, I hate to repeat myself, but please don’t delete my caption. like why do that? you don’t support black and Mexican owned clothing brands?? *side eye*

ever since I started writing & posting the soul tattoo, I’ve gotten a ton of cool and radical people following me and this is my thank you to you. i still can’t believe I reached 1k. like it’s all just so crazy and absolutely surreal. 

all of you guys have been so rad and supportive and I just want to hug every single one of you guys for being so gah damn amazing. I’ve even become friends with many of you and you guys are just so fucking kind and amazing and wonderful humans beans. ily all so much. 

so this is my follow 5evr bc i love you guys 5evr. mutuals | faves

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