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Tell us more!😘

hi! i’m not sure if there is a specific thing you’d like to know so i’m just going to summarize the long night.

4 bands played and the first one was ‘Sweet release of death’, after them c*mmunions played and there was a break so we went outside. There we saw Fredi smoking we just went to him and a friend talked to him for a bit and i thing he also signed some stuff for her. I let Bella ask if he could sign my setlist because i was too shy. (he signed it and wrote ‘kys fra fredi’ aah) After that we just were outside for a bit where we kept seeing dan and johan walking around. We hung at the toilet entrance for a bit while the third band was playing because the stage area was too crowded. Tbh it was really akward because we were all standing like with our backs against the wall against eachother and elias walked up and down like twice and someone waved at him and called his name but i dont think he heard it. After the third band there was a break and me and my friends went to the front of the stage because we wanted to be frontrow during ice*ge. They came on stage at around midnight and when they were like still setting stuff up my friend asked elias for the setlist and he was like ‘after the show’? i’m not sure but at the end there was no setlist on stage lol. Also a funny thing was when i saw jakob open a beer bottle with another beer bottle, skills! I didnt take any photos during the set because i was right infront of elias and every time elias came really close to the crowd everyone pushed me to the front because they wanted to touch him or something??(its ok my friends took some pictures) I legit have about 11 bruises on my legs because i fell onto the stage every ten seconds. The crowd was really alive and i think they appreciated that. Some rando threw their shoe on stage and i still dont know why. Some fun stuff happening were: elias kicking some guys hand when he tried to touch elias, elias just kicking the crowd overall lol, jakob looking up from his bass for like 5 seconds, elias falling into the crowd, elias falling on stage, dan killing it on the drums, johan looking up for 5 seconds. Also something that really got me off guard was when elias kneeled and put like his hand on some people’s heads and also on mine as last and then he pulled my hair while he stood up. I kept being pushed from behind by the crowd and when i tried to hold on to something on stage elias kept jumping on our hands (i dont think he noticed). The music sounded more mature in my opinion but i dont know how to explain it well. I dont know this songs name but i think it was a new one and it started off normal paced but i really enjoyed it. The song had a nice build up. During plowing in the field of love everyone went wild ( i did too) and that was also the only song they played from the third ablum. Me and two other friends waited at the stage after it ended for a while for them to come out (we were the only ones to really care lol everyone else was already leaving). Jakob was the first one to come out and we talked to him and he signed our stuff. Bella asked how long he had been playing bass and he said ten years or so and he was just so kind. He gave us a hand and asked for our name afterwards. Then Dan came out and signed our stuff too, & then ebr came and he signed it too. He said something to me while signing my poster and looked at me but it was so soft i didnt understand it but i could tell he was drunk and tired so i just left it at that and didnt ask for a picture. I didnt see johan after the show tho! he probably came out after we were gone. This ws everything srry that its so long peace