Summary: “Hey Tony,” Steve’s voice is unusually high-pitched as he speaks to Tony’s voice mail. “It’s Steve. There seems to be a…situation here. So, um, if you could hurry back, it would be much appreciated.”

In front of him, Hippie Tony high fives Warlock Tony, nearly slapping Drag Queen Tony in the face, and says, “Whoa, man. You’re providing free magic power for your world? Green Energy Boner Alert.”

Words: 4k

Notes: I remember reccing a fic with multiverse Steves, so here’s one with a lot of Tony’s! Shorter, but just as entertaining. Reading things like these - where a parallel universe version of them gets together and that leads to them getting together - is a guilty pleasure of mine. A+, would read that trope in all its forms. I particularly enjoyed Pregnant Tony in this, and (I assume) post-Civil War Tony totally broke my heart </3 

mmtion replied to your postI think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

I SAW THAT and I don’t understand it. like, I really don’t get why she was voted about chris brown, a guy who actually beat up his girlfriend.

starkky replied to your post: I think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

chris fucking brown is at the bottom of the list like REALLY?!! i just give up on hollywood

In that regard, I found it surprising that Mel Gibson wasn’t on that list.


missfruitbasket replied to your post: I think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

How the fuck could they put Anne Hathaway on there too?

The Anne Hathaway hate I still don’t understand, even after reading articles about it.  Actually at first I was thinking maybe it was just a Tumblr thing, until my sister showed me a Facebook link that people on her feed were passing around called “Reasons why I hate Anne Hathaway”.


booshbaby replied to your post: I think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

I think I’d actually punch Kris Jenner in the face if she were my mom.

LOL, I had to look up who Kris Jenner was when I was going through that list (I knew she was one of the Kardashian folks but I thought it was a guy, like one of the brothers or something).


johnisnothisdate replied to your postI think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

Wow im disgusted with all the people who voted on her

tagdraws replied to your post: I think it’s ridiculous that Gwyneth Paltrow was…

What the actual fuck?

I mean, I’m not what you would call a Gwyneth Paltrow fan (I only like her in the Iron Man films, and even that wasn’t always the case). And with my pre-Tumblr online years spent on the confines of ONTD, I am well-aware that there are quite a few people who dislike her.  (Actually, “quite a few” might be a bit of an understatement.)

But I didn’t think it would be to a point that she’d be voted #1 over people who, to me, seem far more detestable.


LOL I ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW. I think Admin Jenya reads it. I’ve heard it’s crazy!awesome!good! but, for some reason, I never thought to actually read it? Maybe this is the motivation I need to finally pick it up :D thanks! 

[Jenny!Edit] Clint’s sass + David Aja’s art = all of my yes.

ideasareanadventure answered: Thanos Rises was a pretty good read…

ooh I’ve heard about that one too. looks interesting! I love origin stories :)

I probably won’t get much ass-action out of Thanos (or will I be unpleasantly surprised?) but I’ll try to check it out, thanks! 

mmtion replied to your post: Calling it now–


BUT YOU’RE IN THE LAND OF SIMBA!  That’s far more exciting than watching Robert Downey Jr. strut down the aisle of Hall H to introduce the new Avengers cast members!

marvelmasturbation asked:

1 and 19 of the unpopular opinion thing, please :)

Number 1 is done!

19: A celebrity crush that even you don’t understand.

Wow, what a good question.

  • First one that jumps into my head is Brynne Edelsten.

anonymous asked:

Hi. 616 anon, could you rec more please?

Hey there! Of course honey, here are 15 more:

1. Hypotenuse by derryderrydown

Summary: Steve breaks up with Tony because he’s in love with Iron Man. That’s when things start to get complicated.

2. Honey, You’re Keeping Me Afloat by mmtion

Summary: Every so often, on evenings with nobody else, Tony and Natasha drink some wine together and talk about everything and anything.

3. The Engagement by nightwalker

Summary: Good news spreads fast - possibly faster than Tony intended. Pepper’s gonna be mad. (Three part series)

4. Coffee and Batteries Not Included by tsukinofaerii

Summary: Tony falls asleep in his armor. Steve reacts accordingly.

5. They Call Me Dad by fandomfrolics

Summary: The team’s taken to calling Tony by a very strange nickname and he’s a little afraid to find out why.

6. This Time Tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine

Summary: Tony goes to see Wanda, and suddenly Steve is alive and there are Skrulls! Or maybe Tony is just going crazy. Nothing happens in this fic, until the very end. Seriously. There’s a lot of talking, mostly at inopportune moments, Tony’s views on the acceptable gifts to give people are slightly different from everyone else’s and he spends more time than would seem necessary being (half-)naked. What else is new?

7. Imitating Art by valtyr

Summary: Steve’s a visual kind of person.

8. Do It Over by Sineala

Summary: The last words your soulmate says to you are written on your skin, and you won’t know who they are until they die. The thing is, Steve and Tony die a lot.

9. Deserving by Amuly

Summary: At the end of the day, Steve expects Tony to join him in his bedroom. In order to keep from arousing Steve’s suspicions–and as an elaborate, unspoken apology–Tony gives Steve a blowjob. (this one is fucking sad, my heart hurts for all the Tony feels)

10. Lust’s Effect is Tempest After Sun by xDinahQueenx

Summary: Steve gets dosed with sex pollen, Tony is there for him.

11. Hold Me Down by Elspethdixon, Seanchai

Summary: Steve takes Tony back to his apartment to recharge and get warmed up following a fight with a supervillain. 

12. The Official Avengers Movie Night Movie Selection Bylaws by phenominable_snowman

Summary:It was just little things at first. Elevators opening on the wrong floor. Wild temperature fluctuations. An odd, glitchy babble from J.A.R.V.I.S. that went from amusing to annoying to alarming and then righted itself without explanation.Tony nursed a persistent migraine. His body ached. He slept, but he never felt rested. He was sure there was something lurking on the edge of his periphery, but whenever he gave in and looked, it was gone.

13. A Tale of Two Gamers by Settiai

Summary: Saving the world of fake!Warcraft. That’s what The Avengers do.

14. Kiss the Dusk Goodnight by DirectorShellhead (i_sanguinity)

Summary: Avengerkink prompt: “Steve loves to make love to Tony in the morning when Tony is too sleepy, too drowsy to do anything more than just lie there and take anything Steve gives him.”

15. Love Is Like a Friendship Caught on Fire by SakuraTsukikage

Summary: It still takes Steve longer than he’s proud of to say it, and he finds himself unaccountably anxious. He tries to think of the perfect time, the perfect moment—maybe on a date, when they’re alone together, but no, what if that ruins the moment, ruins the evening, they don’t get enough chances to go out together as it is—and not during sex, that seems tawdry and cheap—and missions are clearly not the time or place. Not in front of the others.

Hope you like them sweetie! (previous 616 rec)