When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key, but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins. Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he shares with Kyle—to wake the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.

If you’re looking for an amazing fantasy read with LGBTQA+ characters, then The Rifter Series should definitely be in your list.

“I’m glad I found you,” Kane said quietly, stepping back as Avery stood.
“I think it was more like me finding you, handsome.” For Kane, the sentimental memories were so strong; all he could do was stand there as they held their babies, thinking about their lives, their future, and his love for Avery.
“I can’t imagine my life without you,” Kane proclaimed sweetly.
“Good. I don’t want you to.”

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Julian and Maddox are one of my favorite couples from @nm.pratt Their journey to their HEA is something to remember!! #cantwait
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Us by Sarina Bown and Elle Kennedy has a cover! This is the very anticipated sequel to Him!

Expected Publication: March 8th 2016


Can your favorite hockey players finish their first season together undefeated?

Five months in, NHL forward Ryan Wesley is having a record-breaking rookie season. He’s living his dream of playing pro hockey and coming home every night to the man he loves–Jamie Canning, his longtime best friend turned boyfriend. There’s just one problem: the most important relationship of his life is one he needs to keep hidden, or else face a media storm that will eclipse his success on the ice.

Jamie loves Wes. He really, truly does. But hiding sucks. It’s not the life Jamie envisioned for himself, and the strain of keeping their secret is taking its toll. It doesn’t help that his new job isn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped, but he knows he can power through it as long as he has Wes. At least apartment 10B is their retreat, where they can always be themselves.

Or can they? When Wes’s noisiest teammate moves in upstairs, the threads of their carefully woven lie begin to unravel. With the outside world determined to take its best shot at them, can Wes and Jamie develop major-league relationship skills on the fly?

Warning: contains sexual situations, a vibrating chair, long-distance sexytimes, and proof that hockey players look hot in any shade of green.

Prossima uscita: 31 luglio

Titolo: Glitterland

Titolo originale: Glitterland

Autore: Alexis Hall

Traduttore: Chiara Messina

ISBN: Edizione Ebook 978-88-98426-80-5

Lunghezza: 251 pagine
Collana: World / Rainbow
Genere: M/M
Formato: pdf, epub, mobi

L’universo è una palla stroboscopica che tengo nel palmo della mano.


Ash Winters, ex giovane promessa della scena letteraria britannica e ora scrittore cronicamente depresso di romanzi pulp, ha rinunciato all’amore, alla speranza, alla felicità e soprattutto a se stesso. Trascorre la vita nell’attesa della successiva ricaduta, tormentato dal fantasma delle aspettative altrui.

Poi, un incontro casuale a una festa di addio al celibato lo getta tra le braccia di Darian Taylor, un aspirante modello dell’Essex che vive in un mondo fatto di gel per capelli, abbronzature artificiali e sfilate. Per sua stessa ammissione, Darian non è certo un campione d’intelligenza, ma sa preparare un eccellente pasticcio di carne e riesce a far ridere Ash, ricordandogli cosa significa travalicare gli opprimenti confini imposti dall’ansia.

Ma Ash vive all’ombra di se stesso da così tanto tempo che non è capace di vedere la luce oltre lo scintillio. Può un uomo che non ha fiducia in se stesso credere nella felicità? E come può un uomo che non crede nella felicità lottare per ottenere la propria?

“But regardless of what you think of yourself, when I look at you, I see someone beautiful. Someone who makes me insane, because all I can fucking think about is touching you. Being close to you. Being inside you. And there’s a reason for that, baby.”  (x)

Book 3 in this series. Looking forward to shy Thomas! #goodreads #readingchallenge #readallthebooks #readagram #edavies #therileybrothers #mmromance #mmromancebook #gayromance #glbtreads #gayromancebook #kindlebooks #kindle #ebook 👨‍❤️‍👨❤️📖🌈

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I spent a couple of weeks over on the West Coast of the USA last month (you can catch up on my adventures here!) and as I dragged my suitcase up the hills of San Francisco towards my hostel on day 1, after around 14 hours of travelling, I spotted a sign in a window. 

Speakeasy, it said, glowing red with a pair of blue eyes above it. I grinned, pointed it out to my friend, and kept trudging. It had been a long day and it was hung up in a little convenience store. I didn’t think much of it.

Until we saw it again. And again. And again. And again. Convenience stores, bars; every few street corners. 

As it turns out, Speakeasy is also the name of a San Franciscan craft beer. So, now, the real question—where can I get myself one of those signs…?!

Speakeasy is now available from the IP Web Store and your favorite book retailers.

“They’re not just tattoos,” Andrew told her. “They’re scars. Scars made from ink. He wears them for the world to see as daily reminders of who he is.” –Spencer Cohen, Book Two by N.R. Walker 

Think bookstore & jazz dates, fake cover pickup lines, book gifting, jazz vinyls, a fake dating job, and most important…toothbrushes. I’m in love, and I wrote a review about at The Written Voice of Is

"If you read only one M/M Romance this spring, Training Season would be an excellent choice." 5 stars | Queer Town Abbey

“If you read only one M/M Romance this spring, Training Season would be an excellent choice.” 5 stars | Queer Town Abbey

External image

“If you read only one M/M Romance this spring, Training Season would be an excellent choice.

If Training Season author, Leta Blake, is predisposed to a swollen head, then I am about to add to her cranial inflation by awarding Training Season five stars. Quite simply, Blake’s complex, compelling saga of an emotionally and physically injured ice skating star seeking redemption and Olympic Gold, is…

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