I’m back from long beach comic expo!!!!
This was a really good con because I met so many people and I actually bought stuff. The first picture is of my new dva and lucio prints. Jonny Cruz and symmetra actually signed the lucio one!!!!! The new picture is of my mmpr morpher and my little Axel from KH. The bottom is of (from left to right) Me, Christian (ShoppingLizard), Lucio, Symmetra, Johnathan (BigMAMASH), and Branden (Bezus). Johnny Cruz was such a nice person and I got video of him saying “Aw Amp it up!!!”

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Samurai wasn't totally shit. Adam/Tanya were a better couple than Tommy/Kat, even knowing they weren't a canon couple. Justin was an alright addition. TJ was cuter and a better leader than Andros. All 11 of the MMPR to Zeo rangers are actually living together in retirement and happily poly. Billy totally didn't get with the fish lady. Umm... I'm trying to come up w/ controversial thoughts re: power rangers but it's hard, dammit!

“TJ was cuter and a better leader than Andros” DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!


My favorite thing about the first Power Rangers movie was Graeme Revell’s orchestral score.


Man it just keeps looking better and better! #mmpr #mightymorphinpowerrangers #powerrangers #powerrangersmovie #powerrangersmovie2017 #2017 #itsmorphintime #togetherwearemore #gogopowerrangers

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Justice League and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

This continues to be a fun little comic. I’m really not expecting anything revolutionary to come out of this series. Just some silly entertainment. Glad we got to see more of the Zords. I’m sure they’ll go crazy next issue as they fight the monsters. Fav part was def how Zack couldn’t get over how Batman’s a good guy. It was super funny. Good stuff overall.