Is no one going to talk about the fact that when the EQ removed Snowing’s heart they had this pain etched on their faces. Then next we see Emma, Regina and Henry showing that exact same pain on their faces like they got there hearts ripped out of their chest too.

This just gave me even more reason to believe that Charming Swan Mills Family is a collective TL unit and is endgame.

Regina really did a number on you


Emma: That doesn’t sound much like a happy ending

Regina: It’s not but I can give you one.

Emma; You can preserve my memories

Regina: No but I can do what I did to everyone else in this town and give you new ones.

Regina: My gift to you is good memories and a good life for you and Henry. You’ll have never given him up you’ll have always been together


Emma: If what you’re saying is true then I have to give up my life here.

Hook: It’s all based on lies

Emma: It’s real and it’s pretty good


EQ: I’m going to give you something, something you’ve always wanted.

EQ: I wish that Emma’s Swan’s wish to have never been the savior be granted.

Emma: Storybrooke felt like a dream and now this does. I mean a good dream.”


“Good memories and a good life”

“It’s pretty good”

“A good dream”

Regina gave Emma good memories and good life in 3x11 of raising Henry and she didn’t want to leave it. Now flash forward to 6x10 a part of Regina, the Evil Queen grants Emma’s wish to never be the savior giving her the ideal life of always having her parents and having raised her son. So isn’t it interesting how Regina is always the one giving Emma the life she wants.