Who’s the father?

Okay so by now I’m sure we all know Emily is the mother of the baby that Alison is carrying. But what I wonder now is who the father is. My kind of crazy theory is that the father is Charlotte. I think Charlotte may have wanted her own kids one day so perhaps Jessica had some sperm stored in a bank for her. Then A.D. found out and with Emily donating her eggs they thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I feel like they would go this route to have the child related to Alison but not have to involve Jason in this aspect. What are your theories guys?

Theory for the finale

Okay so I just found out about Jmo leaving and I’ve been wondering where they can go from there story wise. My theory is after she gets stabbed she will somehow get de-aged like Pinocchio and have no memory and then Snowing will get the chance to raise their daughter. They’ll get the opportunity they nearly had in 6x17 when they saw Emma thru the door way.

Thoughts and S7 Theory

So I just found out about the show getting renewed for a season 7 and I’m honestly shocked. I for sure though with all the departures and rumored departures that season 6 would be it. I mean how can this show go on like this without many of the core cast?  It’s really so depressing that we’re going to no longer have Swan Queen, Swan Mills Family, Wicked Queen, Charming Swan Mills Family or even Rumbelle.  

Since Jmo is only coming back for one episode in season 7 this seems like it could turn out an awful lot like the Vampire Diaries did. The shows lead female Nina Dobrev who played Elena left the show in season 6 and said she would only return for one episode in the final season. So they kept her character in a needless magical coma for two seasons until they randomly found a spell to get her out. So with OUAT’s proclivity for sleeping curses and the fact that Emma’s never been in a sleeping curse of her own I think a season long nap is where their going to go. I believe Emma along with her family will indeed defeat the Black Fairy, and all will seem well until she’s put under a sleeping curse that Hook can’t break since he could never seem to do that anyway.

There’s the significant time jump with older Henry, Regina and Hook (and whatever characters left) still looking for a way to get Emma out of it.  Also with the rumor of possible Hooked Queen, I personally don’t think it will happen. I think they’ll take another page out of Vampire Diaries and have HQ similar to Bonnie and Damon. Bamon were a non canon ship that was teased quite a bit with the possibly of becoming romantic and never did. Not saying that they won’t end up going there because Golden Queen is evidence that even the most unlikely ship can happen. 

So yeah I think they’ll have Emma under a sleeping curse, wonder who will break it (please be Regina) and they’ll mention her frequently while working on a way to save her. They’ll also have to face another big bad while doing so because Storybrooke never rests. Curious to see how the new four main character dynamic (as well as the unnamed little girl) will play into the show. Apparently even with my favorite ship gone I can’t leave this insane show.