mmph oreos

redpensandgreenarrows  asked:

Sorry you had a frustrating day, I hope you evening is better! Here's my line (Olicity pairing ^_^)... "Oliver... did you eat the last of my oreos?"

(Thank you! It’s going a lot better now!)

“Oliver…did you eat the last of my oreos?”



“Why would I eat your oreos, Felicity?”

“As revenge!”

“…revenge for what, exactly?”

“Last week. I ate the last of your kale.”

“Which I’m still impressed you ate, by the way.”

“I eat kale!”

“You always pick it out.”

“Not always.”

“No, clearly not while you’re carrying our child.”

“You’re avoiding the subject!”

“Which was?”

“You. Ate. My. Oreos.”

“…did you look in the freezer? Because there’s–”

“Mint chip! Have I told you that I love you?”

“I love you too.”


“Felicity…if I had eaten the last of the oreos…”

“Mmmph mmph.”

“...I’ll go get some more.

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