I didn’t miss it.

There really is STILL no PvE unless you count Arena and I don’t because I WANT STORY AND CAMPAIGN THAT’S WHY YOU GOT MY MONEY, CZE!

It’s really annoying that everyone except Dungeon Crawlers basically have all of their rewards, but because we’re stuck waiting on PvE shit, we’re screwed. It’s really annoying to focus all my hopes and expectations around something that was pitched to me as A Major Part Of The Game (and oh yeah there’s also PvP) and to have it STILL missing two years later.


Apparently there was some PvE talk at GenCon, mostly around the reveal of talent trees. But I have seen exactly JACK and SHIT about PvE in any of the weekly updates I still get. From what I can tell, CZE is working on Set 3 and not doing diddly-squat about PvE, because the updates are all just the Good News! and babbling about that without any mention of even attempting to try to do PvE.

I… want to believe they’re doing PvE and just not telling us about it? But for fuck’s sake, DC level was NOT CHEAP, and I’d like some verbal reassurance that y’all didn’t just dump PvE by the wayside. WOULD IT KILL YOU to at least mention it in one of the weekly updates now and again, Cory?

On the one hand, set 2 of HEX is out now, and I NEED ALL THE BRIARPATCHES or at least 3 more GIVE THEM TO ME, and I haven’t even started in on playing around with the tri-color inspiration crazy and OMG.

On the other hand, STILL NO F***ING PvE L-SAMADAMMIT. They didn’t even mention it, just “hey, here’s Shattered Destiny, we’re having a special release tourney this weekend, win alternate art cards, wooo”.

Had trouble sleeping

So I ate some cereal, played some Catan, checked Tumblr, and then played some more HEX. OMG let me tell you, Princess Victoria in first hand followed by Righteous Paladin? SO DAMN GOOD. I ended that last match at 54 health (starting at 20) and my Righteous Paladin was 12/12. xD Oh how I love Inspire decks!

Did my first tweak: more Diamond, less Ruby. I think I’ll get rid of my Cerulean Grand Strategists and toss in either more Sapphire or… something else, I dunno. Maybe a Hero of Adamanth.

Did get The Triumvirate out earlier. Hot damn is that awesome. Hard to pull off, but the Lords are each pretty solid cards on their own. I’d love to have King Gabriel, Princess Victoria, and the Triumvirate all out at once, just for the whole “King’s Court” vibe (better still when I finally get Lady Cassandra, though I can only use her in PvE).

Anyway, time to attempt sleep again. Alarm goes off at 9 AM regardless of when I go to bed.


Finally opened my 155 boosters and all my Primals. I want you all to know that you are all safe: I did, in fact, get Lord Alexander, Lord Adam, and Lord Benjamin, so I can form The Triumvirate. No one has to die. I ended up with 4 Lord Adams and… I dunno, 50 million Lord Benjamins? And finally got the one, single, solitary Lord Alexander, and so the world is safe from my wrath, because GODDAMMIT MY HUMAN DECK MUST HAVE THE TRIUMVIRATE. (Tri-color: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire. Inspire-heavy, of course; I don’t know why you’d make a human deck that wasn’t built around Inspire.)

Sooooooo tempting to change my plans for a coyotle deck to Sapphire/Emerald instead of Diamond/Emerald, but part of the point was to make it an outlast deck, and Diamond’s pretty damn good for that. So that helped me resist temptation there. I probably won’t make my beloved coyotle deck until Set 2 comes out anyway, but we’ll see.

And I have SO DAMN MANY Te'talcas. Finally got one damn Zoltog. And FOUR GORE FEASTS. FEAR ME, PEASANTS! My orc deck (Blood/Ruby, natch) of smashy-smashy-ness is going to be SO DAMN MUCH FUN.

I am whimpering over all the PvE cards I don’t have yet (esp. since I’m Dungeon Crawler… it’s like half my rewards aren’t even available yet), but c'est la vie. I can be patient. Maybe. Hopefully. I’m going to have to be, I guess.

Gonna get some food in me before the Arena Test Server goes live for HEX. I am so excited for Arena, you have no idea. Not sure how much will get accomplished today, so it’s just as well I did stuff yesterday.

Okay now, I swear the AI is locking the game up just because it can’t bear defeat. It’s defeated me twice now and it’s let me defeat it twice (well, different AI players), but I’ve been on the cusp of victory THREE TIMES when it just locked up and I either had to concede to get back to the main screen or just close the game down entirely.

I know, I know, Alpha. I’m not actually mad or anything - that’d be silly. But I just choose to believe the AI’s running in fear before my awesomeness. Sorry, everyone, totally my fault!