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Concept: The World of MMORPGs Past

The server is dead, the company defunct, but the ghosts of the past linger. You wander the wasteland of a shut-down online RPG, scavenging quest rewards from departed quest givers and turning the starting village into your own fortress. But be warned: oblivion awaits. The Spectres of Obsolescence grow in strength.

<A-n-H> A group of Mercenaries led by Ayane Mayuzuma, a woman of a steely resolve, determination, and a rather icy stare. 

It’s headquarters are located in the Goblet (Ward 12, Plot 16), and acts as both the office and homes of various members. The FC has connections with all three grand companies, and often undertakes various contracts and missions for them. 

These missions can from the trivial and safe rank Fs, to the risky rank As. 

For the adventurers or Mercenaries affiliated with the FC who seek an even more dangerous challenge, they can request to partake in an S ranked mission. These missions usually means life and death, but those brave, foolhardy, or skilled enough would be well compensated for their participation. 

 The current main goal of the group is to assist in the eventual liberation of Doma, the land that many in the group called or home, from the Garlean empire. 

 Join us as we work together towards a new era of peace, a happy life, A New Hope!

A List of Players and Servers!

Hullo everyone!

Before the server mergers, there was a really useful masterlist maintained by Lotrogeek which listed tumblr LOTRO players and the servers they played on. It was a great tool for finding people to hang out with and play with, but it seems that it is no longer being updated. 

I am not meaning to step on anyone’s toes, but I thought (especially with some recent asks) that it might be useful to have an updated list. As such, I have taken it upon myself to make one.

The link should be on the top of the page, otherwise you can find it here:

I won’t add anyone unless they ask me to, in case for whatever reason you’d rather not have yourself included. 

If you would like to be included on this list, simply send me an ask and tell me which server you play on! I’ll add you as soon as I see it.