mmo moments

@supermegachefbarguy I mean yeah I know that’s what you were referring to, but it wasn’t what I was referring to. I’ve been on enough MMOs to know the moment people start bandwagonning the whole “you stole my character model” thing is the moment shit just goes tits up.

It alienates new and older RPers who might be anxious because they have similar or same faces and creates a very unfriendly atmosphere which is a) bad because it’s not like roleplayers get the good end of the stick in the first place and b) everything about RP has a tendency to be a popularity contest anyway and five minutes on tumblr will show that. All it takes is for one popular character to assume a non-popular one “stole their face” and ta-da! Harassment for days, even if it’s totally undeserving.

It’s a habit that really needs to be cut out, and stat.

lywen  asked:

Can I just say that I love how you guys have a tumblr? Because I do. So much. I haven't really seen another game company utilize it as you guys have done, and it's great how you highlight things that the community makes here. So keep on being awesome, k? <3

We get a lot of messages like these, and we just wanted to take the time to publicly say THANK YOU. You guys are seriously so, so awesome – You’re the number 1 reason this tumblr exists.

Thank you for playing the game. Thank you for making awesome fan works and being active in the community. And thanks for sending us questions and messages and encouraging words that continue to brighten our day every time we read them.


The final minutes before WoW’s legacy server Nostalrius closed